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    I tend to agree with this, their agility is unrivaled![/QUOTE]
    Yes, but I’m sort of glad since they are more affordable. :a14:
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    Yes, but I’m sort of glad since they are more affordable. :a14:[/QUOTE]


    I'm all for 4/8" blades.
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    I'm all for 4/8" blades.[/QUOTE]
    THIS!! My Puma 4/8 was way cheaper than it should have been, for this reason!
  3. I'm continuing to shave with a small angle and getting better results. Today I used the Demascara 5/8 from Fremont, Ohio.
  4. Shave feels better a couple of hours later. :a14:
  5. Started the week off with a daily double using a Geneva Pyramid 7 straight for the first pass. Before stropping this MMTT Thuringian edge, I opted for several dozen diamond/balsa laps holding the wood at a 45 degree angle. Ended with 30 linen and 60 horse hide. The first pass on less than 24 growth, due to shaving around noon on Sunday, was remarkably smooth and effective.

    Oh, and I used Tabac soap with a PAA Atomic Rocket brush.
  6. M. Jung .jpg
    Used an M. Jung 5/8 German made straight that I did 60 laps on diamond and balsa followed by #25 linen and #60 horse before using this AM. Am continuing to use a near flat angle and little to no pressure after a first pass. I seem to get as good a result as I am willing to spend the time to get it. Any safety with center pull is faster, just not as much satisfaction as with a SR.

    M. JUNG
    90 70th St., Brooklyn, NY; moved to 149-151 Church St., New York City in 1921
    ca. 1911 - 1923 Straight Razor Manufacturers and Dates of Operation
  7. B1BBA26B-F673-4347-9C32-83C9622FDB41.jpeg Theo Kochs Marcella for June 20th
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    Another great looking razor!
  9. One of my first purchases from JR. Thank you. :)
  10. F06FD1A6-2631-47A5-915B-DFA2BFAF36CA.jpeg I've always shaved without a lot of attention to detail. Now that I am more interested in getting a good shave, I find my efforts with a straight razor is simply not adequate. If I am going to get a good shave its not so much a matter of a sharper edge, but simply putting in the time to make sure I've shaved all my facial areas. I do tend to miss areas.

    This morning I used a straight for the first pass followed by a Feather SS for a second pass and the Gillette RFB for ATG on neck and cheeks. I gave the effort some extra time and was paid back with a damn good result. Perhaps my often ignored pre-shave glycerin facial wash also helped the results.
  11. Perhaps tightening the scales on the Salamander would do the trick.
  12. :ciappa:
  13. 2BC2D180-D53F-4115-9BCA-A916A29704A9.jpeg Ready for Saturday
  14. Added in the famed Barbasol Floating Head for a second sideways and ATG pass. Clean up with Celebrated Rifle Razor. @steveclarkus birthday razor has inspired me to do several stropping laps on balsa and diamond before linen and horse. I can definitely feel the difference and see (specks on the sponge) the difference in the edge on first pass.

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