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Could this be my Kamisori Grail Razor?

Looking at Fikira's extensive picture collection it seems the second number varies from 1 until 90's. I doubt it signifies the length of the razor.

Yes, that certainly does seem like proof that it does not always mean the length. But could it mean the length sometimes? I have 3 stamped Iwasakis. Here are two of them. Is this just a coincidence?

Second stamped number: 46
SMALL Stamped 46.JPG

Second stamped number: 52
SMALL Stamped 52.JPG

The third is stamped 71, though, which clearly does not match:
SMALL Stamped 71.JPG
As far as I have seen the standard kamisori cutting length is around 5cm, the larger ones I think are 6cm.
So any number between 45-55 has a good chance coinciding.

I don't know what key Iwasaki used for his serial numbers. The western grinds are supposedly showing the number of razors that came from one batch of tama steel. Allegedly 10 razors made from one. Now remember that western razors are all made out of Tamahagane, plenty of steel is used. In a kamisori it's just a small part that is made out of tama, the rest of the razor is soft steel so there is much less tama steel used.
Could you get 10 kamisoris for every western razor? Seems excessive but I never made a razor so don't know.

Like I said, if he meant it to be length then there is no way you could have low(1) and high numbers(98) and we know those numbers do exist from looking at fikiras pics.

I think all these things will remain unknown. If you take apart a western tama you can find numbers by the pin hole, what do they mean, nobody knows.

Nice razors by the way.

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