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Coticule love... show off your rock


I do not. Many coticule descriptions that mention a glued on substrate say that it is not suitable for honing. The same may not true for all natural (not glued) coticules.


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Ardennes describes it as an unusable honing surface only meant to add support to the yellow coticule. I know a few guys have tried it over the years but the consensus is that it's no good for honing.
The fact that most people won't even use the BBW side of a stone when it is known to be used for knives especially and sold marketed that way by the mine should tell you that a piece deemed unusable by the mine would not be worth the effort even if it actually did anything.


I wouldn't bother with the backing, personally. That's plenty thick to survive on its own. I've owned tons of hard pure coti's way, way thinner than that. Honestly, I'd lap the back and use both sides.
There's no point in it really as the back is probably fairly similar to the front. I like hand honing so I like s taller hone in general. The bbw seems quite red so whike it still annoys me it may well be interesting.


I swear I've owned that stone before. I had a 5x2.5 where the Yellow made that same little shimmy/run down into the BBW in the past.
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