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Coticule love... show off your rock

I ordered a 8x3 LV from the lads at Belgium and rob sent me one and there just totally different it did not appeal to me .


First use of the Les latenuses...
Kama 23

Reset the bevel on a Norton 1k then honed on the yellow side with successive dilutions through running water. Fast cutter and buttery smooth. Very relaxing to use. I then finished on the hybrid side under running water. Sticktion was almost immediate. Popping hairs right and left.

But... Though the bevel is solid, it's very thin in the middle of one side of the blade. I don't care for wide bevels, but this one is ridiculously thin and bothers me in terms of the aesthetics of the edge. May have to come back to the stones even if the shave is great... OCD does have it's down sides.
If the hollow itself is overground up the blade in the middle (fairly common), creating a thin bevel, then honing won’t help. Don’t know until you try though, but if a good honing session doesn’t produce a wider bevel in the noted areas, more honing probably won’t help.

If you want to cosmetically fix it, you can probably hone the overground area on the corner of a hone.


Then this razor may be an opportunity to overcome a small part of my OCD because the sharpie disappears very quickly along the whole length, but only for a very narrow strip right at the edge in the middle of the length. Definitely making contact along the length of the edge so perhaps it's as you describe, overground. Thanks.


The Fur Burglar!
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Wow... That's some steel!
That's fresh off SIC so it will calm down eventually. I tried to lap on the DiaFlat but wasn't getting anywhere so I had to drop down to SIC. It's a very hard stone. The feedback is glassy with a hint of resistance. It's a really neat stone.


Fast Hard cotis in my experience are fast when the razor needs it, but slow to glass when the razor is finished. Meaning if I take a razor to one off my DMT EF (1200 grit), stone is black instantly. Take the same razor to the same stone off my SP 13,000, and you won't get any swarf. They tend to be quite smart stones.
Another coticule I've had for a long time..

Bought this from Jarrod back when Les Latneuses were relatively difficult to find. It doesn't carry the very beautiful mottled coloration of the Les lats we know and love, but there it is. This one is glued to slate... I don't believe I've ever seen another like that. But, beauty is as beauty does. The surface is very hard and shines nearly like a mirror. It delivers a highly keen edge, and for me, that's what it is all about...

Les Latneuses bout... with matching slurry stone.

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