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Coticule love... show off your rock

I have a suspicion this may have been a really big stone that was halved between two ppl. Mostly because of the irregularity on one end. 20200826_174625.jpg 20200826_174632.jpg 20200826_174643.jpg 20200826_174803.jpg

Also, this is yet another coti that released from the ancient glue job that has a pretty pronounced hump below and a poor contact point. Basically, be on guard with any vintage glued combo you get because they could be rocking imperceptibly on dead hide glue like a fulcrum ready to go...
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Just got this one today from @gary haywood . I've seen a lot of stellar cotis pass through Gary's hands over the years but he held on to this one for 15 years so I figured it had to be something special. It's a Veinette from way back in 2005. Looking forward to shaving off of this one.
@David Oh I meant thin or thick lines. It seems like older LVs had thinner white lines, as opposed to some new LV and non-LV cotis that have thicker white lines. I could be very wrong though.

Here’s what I think is a new-ish LV with thick white lines
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