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Coticule Blue vs Yellow

Hi all,

Am wanting to get a coticule. I see there is a blue type which is much (MUCH) cheaper than the yellow type. Obviously there's a difference, but will it impact me greatly if I don't get the yellow stone?

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Typically and historically the (yellow) Coticule has been used to hone razors over the Belgian Blue Whetstone. However, it is certainly possible to hone a razor using a BBW.

I would recommend either a Coticule with the slate backing (which is not a hone) or a natural combination stone that has both the Coticule and BBW sides for honing razors. I have shaved with razors honed on BBW and they are great, but I prefer a Coticule edge.
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The Belgian Blue Whetstone (BBW) is a quality hone that is much more common and thus cheaper than coticule hones. A study was done on the honing properties of the two stones and they were found to be very similar. The grinding work is being done by very tiny garnets within the stone. In the coticule, the percentage of garnet is considerably higher than in the BBW making it a faster hone. I own both including a couple combination hones and prefer the coticule, but would never say that the BBW is not a very good and capable hone. My suggestion would be to give in to your H.A.D. (hone acquisition disorder) and get both! :sneaky2:
Like the other guys said, BBW is certainly usable but it'll take you longer to achieve a shave-ready edge on it. BBW has less garnets per capita than coticule does, so they tend to be on the slower side. But it is certainly capable of honing a straight razor. I, however, prefer a coticule over BBW....Just faster all-around and I really like the edge..
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