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Cost of Blenheim Bouquet EDT Spray vs. Splash

There is quite a difference in the price of Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet EDT bottles depending on if it's a spray or splash. $80 will get you a 100ml spray while $88 with get you a 200ml splash. Is there a different formulation between the bottles, or is this one of those really wacked price discrepencies that really don't make sense. Does an atomizer really cost that much?
Did you have an uncomfortable feeling of FULLNESS after making the purchase? Did anyone perhaps, give you a peck on the cheek (let alone the check) and say "We'll respect you in the morning?" Very frustrating, but Penhaligons is not the only house of fragrance to have their way with their clients. I have my very own refillable atomizers to circumvent just such affairs de finance.
Just make sure you wear protection when you go to buy more, I am sure they have their way with a lot of other men. (and women)
Actually, I got a really good deal on a 200ml splash on eBay. Less than half retail price. I've been trying to win a BB auction for a while now, but they always close too high and since most of the items originate in the UK, shipping to the US kills the deal for me. As for the splash bottle, I kind of like it. I believe BB is the only Penhaligon's scent that is available in a splash anymore.
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