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Cornish Game Hens


Alfred Spatchcock
Had some hickory left over so I decided to do a couple of hens. Nothing like smoking birds and listening to Buddy Guy and Jeff Beck jammin'. Must be what they refer to as the good life.



Alfred Spatchcock
Thanks folks. It's been a while since I cooked these little guys. The wife approved :)
Smoked hens are a frequent favorite here. Smoke a couple dozen for Christmas a few years ago, everyone complained it wasn't "traditional", but there were no scraps to be found after dinner.
First meal I ever cooked for my (now) wife was Cornish Hens with Walnut stuffing and a Mustard glaze. Thank God I don't have to do THAT any more. But you have inspired me, sir. Smoking some hens seems like a grand idea.


Alfred Spatchcock
Watch them closely. They jump from 155° to 165° pretty quick. Not a lot of mass there!
Those greasy little chicks work out well on the grill. GLC is my far better half's description of those birds.
looks yummy!!!! how long did you smoke them for? what temp? hickory is one of favorite smoking woods! i cant believe i've never smoked a cornish hen!!!
love rock cornish game hens.

when finished baking, usually halve them into two at the breast bone with a sharp knife. stuff with onion and celery before baking. olive oil, Himalayan salt, and cracked peppercorn on top.

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