Corn Cob Collections, What Do You Have?

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  1. Hello everyone, I looked everywhere for corn cob collections but couldn't find any. So I decided I's start a thread about...

    I love corn cob pipes and have a pretty good collection
    $Corn Cob Collection.jpg
    I will be ordering more soon, especially the Rob Roy pipes and the Cobbit Wizard!
    So what do you have for your corn cob collection?
  2. Didn't take time to lay it out nicely but...


    ...and there are a few more not shown.
  3. Nice, cobbers!

    I'll get a picture up later. Mark Twain is my favorite cob followed by the Morgan Nosewarmer and Ozark Bent.
  4. Poorboy; Yeah, sorry about my neat-freakiness LOL!! That is a very nice collection.
    You have The Wizard and The Shire churchwardens!
    I want to get more from Missouri Meerschaum and any other company that makes a quality corn cob pipe.

    Senshi; I'm looking forward to seeing what you have.
    I have to see what the Morgan Nosewarmer is. It sounds pretty interesting.
  5. I have no problem with your "neat-freakishness" as long as you don't have a problem with my slobbishness. I do have the two Cobbits (with the other two in the mail). The stems on them are Walker Briar Works though. I have WBW on all my favorite cobs. I would recommend looking into them if you haven't already.

    I would have to agree with Senshi about the Morgan. I've smoked a lot of the MM styles and it's probably a tie between the Morgan and the hardwood Diplomat.
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  6. Actually, there's one in poorboy's picture. It's right in the middle.
  7. Nice collections!

    Do we count the MM hardwood pipes too?

    My somewhat more humble collection consists of maybe a dozen direct-from-China $1.50 eBay cobs, two MM Legends (one probably ~8 years old, one a year old from a MM bag-o-seconds), something that I think is a MM Pony Express (label is missing and origin unknown), a year-old Ozark cherry that I smoke more than anything else for the past year, two brand new Ozark cherries, and an Ozark maple that I recently started smoking that immediately became my favorite pipe (with a straight stem from a Legend).
  8. Directly to the right of the Wizard stem, better pictures can be found on the MM website.

    ADD - speaking of Morgans and WBW (since I kind of was)... WBW now makes the nosewarmer stems to fit the Morgans.
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  9. Sad to say, I have 0 cobs. I have gifted cobs to buddies for pipe nights, but I inherited/stole a bunch of my dad's pipes that he no longer used so i never needed a cob. I have thought about a country gentleman though, just to have one in the rotation.
  10. I have around 14 cobs after getting the MM Grab Bag of Seconds. Have only smoked out of 5 of them. :lol:

    I like having the cobs around just in case someone comes to visit and wants to try out a pipe.
  11. I don't trust a pipe smoker that doesn't have at least one cob :glare::laugh:
  12. I'm sure it would be different if I could get a proper MM cob around here, but they only have cheap Fuji brand in store. Maybe I will toss one in my next order to win your approval!
  13. LOL!!!
    I feel the exact same way, a trustworthy pipe smoker has to have atleast ONE cob Hehehehehe....

    I really like the Walker Briar Works stems. I LOVE the Black Rose shade, and I guess many others do as well because it's ALWAYS OUT OF STOCK!!!:mad3:

    The Nose Warmer is a very nice little pipe.
    I think I'll order a couple of them, along with the new Mac Arthur pipe.
    It looks just like his personal pipe from all the old pictures.
  14. Time to admit it :001_rolle, it's about time you get a cob :001_smile
  15. It so happens the stem on my Diplomat is a WBW in black rose. I am also a big fan of Tortoise. Just seems classic somehow.
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  16. Here's my collection. Starting at the top, left to right, row by row:
    My Old Faithful Legend (my first pipe), Washington, Missouri Pride
    Eaton, Pony Express, Shortstop
    Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer, two mini cobs (one natural, one varnished) and a mini Ozark
    Diplomat, Country Gentleman, Great Dane Spool
    Mark Twain, Patriot, bent Ozark
    Hardwood Diplomat, hardwood Gent, straight Ozark
    MacArthur 5-Star, General, classic MacArthur
    On the far right is a bent Ozark with Walker stem, and on the far left is a custom-ordered churchwarden, a bent Gent with MacArthur stem.


    There's still several I'd like to get. I don't have a Freehand yet, or a Morgan, or a Great Dane Spindle, and a couple of those Cobbits are definitely on my list.
  17. My collection only consists of two cobs, both MM's of course. After 8 years and about $2,000 spent on quality briars, I finally caved and bought a cob. Absolutely loved it! Definitely buying more - smoking Da Vinci out of a cob was truly a fantastic experience.
  18. i can't keep cobs if my life depended on it, I only have 3 in my rotation but ive probably have bought at least 15+ total. I keep giving them out to people who want to try a pipe.
  19. Where do you find these people?

    I guess not being a hermit might help. Nevermind.
  20. I am sad to report that I've but a handful of cobbs. 4 Country Gentlemen (3 bent and a straight); a huck finn straight; and a legend straight. I have found the drafts to be a bit more open than I prefer since spending some time behind a briar. Perhaps I should check around for a smaller draft stem?

    This should be interesting for the Cobb Connoisseurs

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