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Corking blades

I've seen a few mentions about "corking" blades to remove burrs and smooth the edge. I have to say it seems kind of like superstitious hocus pocus to me, but now that I've seen it mentioned a few times, I'm curious.

Those who do this, what do you use for cork... a wine bottle cork?
A wine bottle cork will do just fine.

I went through a month or two of corking blades. I would draw the blade through the cork twice, going the same direction each time between shaves. I don't know if it actually removed burrs or did anything to reshape the metal, but it did remove any accumulated soap scum and rendered the blade squeaky-clean.

Despite this, I couldn't tell any difference in the shave between a corked blade or an uncorked one. I came to the conclusion that its more trouble than its worth, and I no longer do it.
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