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Copper or Bronze at ATT

While these are not the best photos in the world (Taken at home and not at our photo station.) I would like your thoughts on how cooper and bronze look on bead blasted stainless. I will say the copper turns much faster than the bronze and that bronze is easier to polish.
They both look nice, but if you're wanting to know which I would prefer, the answer would be the same if I were dieing of thirst and you asked me "tap water or bottled water"!
so, final tonality would be copper > green tint, bronze > brown? Interesting direction of luxury. I'd also wonder about durability over time due to nominal friction of use; and, or polishing to maintain initial looks.

Would there be a residual change in face friction coefficient by either? I know a lacquer over gold makes a very smooth glide if the soap and moisture on the face is there. Some of my steel finishes seem to glide better than, say the bronze of another.
I love the look of copper, both polished and with a patina. It would be great if the cap could be copper as well.
I believe I have my next project. The good news is that this should not be very hard to pull together.
Keep the comments and suggestions coming. There no telling where this might end. :thumbup1:
I have to say I really like the contrasting metals. Assuming tolerances and measurements are the same between stainless and copper (so the shave isn't affected), it might be interesting if you do offer a full copper razor to also offer just the individual components so that customers could mix and match parts to build their own razor as they please.
I like the polished copper over the polished bronze. Now if I could see the bronze with patina that could be a game changer. Either way, apparently I need to start saving.
I like the copper very much and, like @snowman, would really like to see it sold as individual parts. I just picked up a couple of Gillette New razors and like the looks of mixing the brass baseplate with the copper head. Speaking of which, definitely an SE1/SE2 version would be great.
i'm not a big fan of the mixing of different types of metals. It just doesn't look right to me personally.

Now if we could get all copper or all bronze razors then I'm really liking that. I definitely like the idea someone mentioned about selling all of the individual pieces in the different metal types so that you can buy whatever you like.
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