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Coolest Strop Ever?

Saw something totally cool today, and thought I would share. Had a light day and decided to roll the dice at the antique stores to see if I could find a sweet straight. I don't have one yet and thought it was worth a try. One dealer said, he did not have any razors, but he asked if I wanted to see a sweet strop. Sure I said.

He then handed be a silver cylinder about three inches across and two inches wide. It was sterling silver and covered in beautiful engraving work. There were two rings attached to the cylinder. For a second I though "where's the strop?" He told be to pull one of the rings and as I did a long, and to be honest still very supple strip of leather emerged! It was a sterling silver, self-coiling strop! You hung it up by one ring and pulled the other. the tag said $125, but as I played with it, he said "that thing has been around here a long time. I will totally let it go for $80." It was a nice piece of art! I just thought I would share that cool experience. It was out of my budget, and I still have no straight, but it was cool. If it was from the vitorian era, that would put it at atleast 100 years old.
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I would be worried about permanent cupping. But since it would flex away from the razor, it may not be a problem.

Cool story, you find all sorts of weird things in antique shops.
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