coolest or most unique razors available?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by 6Cuda6, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. Rwoodreno

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    Agreed. I have the nickel plated version, the black coated one and both the aluminum and stainless steel more aggressive late model CNC machined ones.
  2. I was just mentioning that just because it is magnetic, that doesn't mean it's not nickel. (Looking at that sentence construction, it's correct, but very confusing)

    Also, I know some metals are plated OVER nickel. I don't know if Rhodium or platinum are over nickel plating or not.
  3. Ice-Man

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    Rhodium goes on over nickel not sure about platinum
  4. So it could be a Rhodium plating over nickel. That would give a different silver colour.

    It's still a beautiful razor :)
  5. Rwoodreno

    Rwoodreno Contributor

    Possibly but I have checked several known Nickel plated razors including both the PAA new nickel plated ones and the magnetic signature of the CV Heljestrand razor is stronger than either. It is far more like the 303 stainless steel razor from Asylum, their Evolution DE reproduction of a Darwin design. So far I have compared it to multiple nickel plated razors and the magnetic signature of all of them is far weaker than what the CVH razor shows. Until someone can demonstrate that I am definitely full of it I will believe the CVH is stainless based on my test results.
  6. No problem. I don't think anyone here is going to suggest you start slicing it up. Specific gravity displacement test is about the only other way to tell.

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