coolest or most unique razors available?

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    When did I knock it?
  1. You didn't an that is the best part about it...let's hear your opinion on it :)
  2. emwolf

    emwolf Contributor

    +1 my sheraton is one of my favorite razors.
  3. Okay! So, I needed to get ready to take the lady of the house out.

    Preshave: Proraso
    Soap: Stirling Texas on Fire
    Blade: Feather single edge that came with the razor
    Passes: 2
    Weepers: 0
    Irritation Free

    This razor is really easy to use and find the right blade angle. Just drop your elbow down into a natural position.
    The pivoting head really wasn't a factor, but maybe if I did ATG it would.
    The first pass delivered a DFS.
    The second almost BBS!
    The shape of the head dies put a lot of the head to the face. Something the Mongoose doesn't do, nor the Wolfman.
    The shave was irritation free!

    if you were transitioning from a cartridge razor into wet shaving this razor would make it really easy.
    Already a wet shiver it delivers a great fun shave!

    Glad I bought it and will recommend it!
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  4. Rwoodreno

    Rwoodreno Contributor

    Henckels Rapide set and a CV Heljestrand set. Both originally for wedge blades but late ones have blade stops and can take Gem blades too. Aggressive razors but not brutally so with the Gem blades and the CV Heljestrand is probably the last production lather catcher made. Much heavier construction than the typical Gem, Kampfe Star or Ever Ready lather catcher razor IMO.
  5. Rare, but available: Gillette ABC pocket Empire set
    Reasonably available: vintage gold plated Merkur Progress
    Available: Gillette Fatboy

  6. =1 They are a great shave with a modern splined GEM blade. I've tried my limited honing hand on the original blade too ..

  7. Rwoodreno

    Rwoodreno Contributor

    Something else I discovered that makes the CV Heljestrand a unusual razor, at least the late model ones. The razor and handle are both STAINLESS STEEL. They are a alloy that is very slightly magnetic which means they cannot be anything but a steel alloy of some sort. I checked as the finish did not appear to be a match for any plating I recognized and a strong magnet is slightly attracted to both the handle and the razor body. Below are photos of the stainless steel model.

    CVHeljestrand-9.jpg CVHeljestrand-1.jpg CVHeljestrand-5.jpg
  8. It's not rare by any means. But I think the coolest looking razor today is the Merkur Futur. The fact that it bites like a starving mongoose adds coolness factor.
  9. Prof. Moriarty

    Prof. Moriarty Contributor

    Really like the look of the Asylum Evolution razor
  10. pbrmhl

    pbrmhl Contributor

    IMG_0023.JPG IMG_0056.JPG
    I'd love to pix of the ones that accept Gem blades. I had no idea that these razors were out there.

    My favorite stunning razors are above, the Le Coq cage comb and the Charcoal Goods open comb in antique brass.
  11. Rwoodreno

    Rwoodreno Contributor

    Both the Henckels Rapide and the CV Heljestrand are pictured in posts above in this thread. Just scroll up on this page. Both shown razors take Gem blades without blade modification.
  12. I suspect that you simply have a razor with a VERY good nickel plating. Nickle is also a ferromagnetic metal. It's not as easy to attract as iron, but a neodymium magnet _will_ attract it.
  13. Oh, I am just so predictable! Every time something like this comes up I always got to enter the Weck Surgical Preps

    2 weck.jpg
  14. Rwoodreno

    Rwoodreno Contributor

    The attraction is the same strength as against my 303 stainless steel Asylum Evolution DE razor so far as I can tell. Also color better matches high polished stainless steel rather than nickel plate to my eye. Why I checked with a magnet in the first place. However checking a Nickel plated Ostaso razor I do get a magnetic signature but not as strong as from the Heljestrand. Any non destructive test available? The finish is flawless.
  15. Ice-Man

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    I love mine mate, its a pity it has marks on the doors.
  16. You'd have to use one of the fluid displacement tests for specific gravity. Brass with a nickel plating will have a different specific gravity than stainless steel of any kind.
  17. The ones I'm bidding on are 'user grade', because I don't need them to be pristine for me to use them shaving. My sheraton has all of the teeth fully brass, but it shaves GREAT.
  18. Rwoodreno

    Rwoodreno Contributor

    I also compared it to two PAA razors that are nickel plated per the PAA web site. Razors are the Nickel plated PAA Doc and the PAA Prismatic. Both are listed as nickel plated zinc alloy heads and nickel plated brass handles. Both show magnet attraction but MUCH weaker than the CVH razor. Also the finish is a different shade of silver color. Nickel plating has a warmer tone than the CVH razor surface.

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