coolest or most unique razors available?

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  1. Know of any extremely cool or unique razors such as The Mongoose, Cobra, OneBlade etc? Modern or other but must be available ip pic if possible as well.
  2. Gillette Double Ring. As cool as it gets.
  3. I've never tried one... but I always thought it looked cool: The Phoenix Double Open Comb



  4. +1,000
  5. Graydog

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    I always liked the look of OC Aristocrats
  6. I would love one of these. I hate that there weren't more open comb tto razors. Can you imagine a slim adjustable open comb?
  7. troy

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    I've dreamed of an open comb Fatboy, but would settle for a Slim.
  8. troy

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    GE Jones Shake Sharp is Pretty sweet.

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  9. GlennConti

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    A 1-5 position serial toggle plated from the factory in nickel. Only two known to exist.

    View attachment 636886
  10. Interesting. What can you tell us about the history of each of these 2 of a kind razors?
  11. Wilkinson Sword Empire 7 day set. There are other wedge-blade (non-disposable with a spine like a straight razor, as opposed to wafer type throwaway blades) SE razors, some that are arguably cooler than the Wilkie, but these are still fairly common. They can be found as full 7 day sets, or just razor with a blade or a few, or as 7 day sets with a blade or two missing or chipped or rusted. Price varies, from $40 or so to about $150. Great shavers. The roller bar contributes to shave comfort. This is a self-stropping razor that uses a narrow strop threaded through the razor head like a Valet Autostrop. The act of stropping is cool fun. The stropping technique is much more effective than the Rolls or Darwin strop-in-the-case approach. Most wedge blade SE razors use a large blade but these Empire razors use a proprietary blade that is very narrow and relatively thin. Luckily there are a good number of blades around, some even NOS. But don't buy the razor if it doesn't come with at least two good blades. No provision is made for self-honing, but they definitely can be re-honed.

    These are very nice looking razors and have a satisfying heft. Good shaver, good looker.

    Here is a fleabay auction for one, ended 26 January.

    Darwin and Rolls are really cool and fairly common, not too expensive, but while the stropping in the case is a lot of fun to do or even watch, it isn't as practical as an open strop. Still, worth a mention.

    Slightly less common and sometimes quite expensive but waaaaaay cool are the early Kampfe bros or the slightly less cool but higher quality Heljestrand sets, that use the large wedge blades. The large wedge blade was sort of standardized across several makes of SE razors from the 1880s through the '20's and beyond I guess.

    Another razor that is pretty cool and not particularly hard to find is the already mentioned Valet Autostrop. These used a proprietary blade that was meant to be stropped and used until it would not shave, then discarded, rather than honed. Some models can take a de-spined modern SE blade, or a Feather SE blade. There are NOS blades around, but performance is meh. I put these down close to the bottom of the cool razor list because they are not on the whole as practical as more usable or more easily used razors.
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    Here is a thread which has a lot of information about mine. I do not know much about the other one other than it exists.
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    Oh I found some photos of the other nickel serial toggle. Here:
    $NickelToggle3478-0.jpg $NickelToggle3478-1.jpg View attachment 636928 $NickelToggle3478-3.jpg $NickelToggle3478-4.jpg

    If I recall the owner scored the nickle serial toggle and the bottom dial the same day. Don't know if it was a wild find or not.
  14. He got the deal of the millennium.

    IIRC he found a gold and nickel SN Toggle and the 1-5 Bottom dial together in a shop and picked them up for next to nothing.
  15. +1. It's a pity they don't come up more often!
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    Yea, I lucked into mine at an estate sale. I didn't have a clue what it was and figured it would be some gimmick and more of a shelf piece. But man it is a great shaver. I would use it more often, but being zamik and the gold on mine is a little thin in spots. So I really like to have the time to clean and dry it.
  17. Because of this stupid thread I purchased a OneBlade. Ordered it yesterday and It was just delivered today.
    Over night shipping when I paid for standard.

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  18. Oh. I just googled it. I thought it was some new DE razor like that pawnshop thing. Those blades are made by Feather and are very good blades, but nowhere near as cheap as a good DE blade. I dont care for the design... cap too high, and it has a pivot. I dont know who decided a pivoting head is a good idea, but it makes it nearly impossible to control shave angle. And it appears overpriced to me. After all, you can get a Feather solid stainless DE for way less. A whole bouquet of Gillette Slims. A pair of very nice brand new straights or 4 restored vintage. But a single blade, compared to those octomom cartridges is a step in the right direction. I have no doubt that you will be able to get a good shave from it. And it is lightyears cooler than a blue handle. I give it half a thumb up, but if it was more reasonably priced and didn't have a pivot I would inch it up some more. Let us know how it shaves. If you want to get a little crazy, get yourself a vintage valet autostrop. Most models will take that same blade.
  19. I have plenty of vintage razors,, plus an autostop. To the point that vintage isn't as exciting anymore.
    I bought this out of pure curiosity and the fact that it is a Texas company, although its manufacture is in China.

    Kinda of a retail therapy buy! Working hard so I bought a toy.
  20. Don't knock'll like it...

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