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I like Brave Soldier Code Blue for its repairing function. Scent is mint, but that's not the point. It fights razorburn and irritation, and works better than others I've tried

I don't have sensitive skin, so I'm not sure how to advise you on that angle, but the Proraso aftershave liquid cream seems like it'd be fairly light, and it's pretty gentle on the skin (and it's good).

Webro said:
Could someone advise me on a good aftershave balm.My skin would be sensative

If you are just getting started in the world of wetshaving then code blue is excellent...this is what I started with. Really helps with the razor burn and nicks that are common in the transition. When you get your knack down you can switch to others with better scents and what not.
Aftershaves are the most difficult things to recommend, since they are so personal. It also matters what you are looking for: light/heavy, moisturizing/not, soothing/not, ....

Personally, my long quest ended when I found D. R. Harris Aftershaving Milk. However, it is expensive and hard to find. I think the C&E choices, as enumerated above, are excellent choices. I also like the L'Occitane CADE balm, which is great in wintertime. Many also like the Truefitt and Hill balms, but they bother my skin.
Having only tried the samples, I would like to add the eShave balms. They are quite thick, but extremely soothing, good stuff. I'm tempted to buy the full sized container. I can also vouch for the C&E, also good stuff
John P
roughrider said:
I personally love the Crabtree & Evelyn After Shave balms in the Nomad, Sienna, and Sandalwood scents.
I agree! For a scent free AS balm, I use Proraso regularly.
I know I'm coming into this thread late and my recommendation is probably going to be met with a jaundiced eye, but I use Zirh's Soothe Aftershave Balm, which is similar in texture to DR Harris's Aftershave Milk. I like it because it's not greasy, dries completely and it really moisturizes the skin and it's fragrance free.

It's reasonably priced too.
I'll throw out a plug for Natureade Aloe 80...a natural aloe vera gel that moisturizes, cools, dries to a matte finish, and is downright cheap!

Available online or in many natural or health food stores.

Could someone please tell me where I can buy Brave Soldier Code Blue aftershave gel in the UK or Ireland.

Webro said:
Could someone please tell me where I can buy Brave Soldier Code Blue aftershave gel in the UK or Ireland.


i would probably email brave soldier directly at www.bravesoldier.com as they only list retailers for canada and usa. (unless somebody here has a source)

as an aside, i've heard great things about Nickel's Contre Feu, which although seems a bit pricey is available via www.mankind.co.uk

good luck. code blue is a mainstay of my medicine cabinet.

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