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Conway Stewart Fountain Pen

At the risk of starting another Acquisition Disorder................... :biggrin1:

The fine gentlemen and ladies on B&B obviously have a much better knowledge of all things old and luxurious than those on other forums I frequent. :tongue_sm

Now that the RAD is in full swing I just remembered that I had this old fountain pen that my mother gave me ( I don't know the history but I'll try and find out from her ).

It's a Conway Stewart ( from the nib ). I found a couple of references here to Conway Stewart, but not much.

Can anybody give me any information about it.

Nib says Conway Stewart 14 ct Gold.

In addition the ink cartridge/bulb is gone. Is this replaceable ???

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. :001_smile





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I'm no expert, but it looks like a Conway Stewart. The sac should be fairly easy to replace. Not to sound like a broken record, but fountain pen network should have repair tutorials that are much better than I could describe.

Simply put, you clean off the back of the feed (where the sac was), put a little shellac on it, and then pull the sac on like you were filling a balloon with helium. There's a couple good places here to get replacement parts, but I'm not sure about Australia. A google search should tell you.

You also might want to check the lever filler and nib to make sure they're in order.

Interestingly enough, I recently learned that the current Conway Stewart is a revival of the old Conway Stewart company. I guess they now have their nibs outsourced, so I'm curious how the original CS nibs write. Probably as good or better, I'd guess.

Good luck!
Fine looking pen, and from your mother to boot! I'd imagine you could either find parts and repair instructions online (if you're handy) or you could send it in for an overall.

Further investigation shows that the model is actually "imprinted" on the barrel.

These old eyes ain't what they used to be :001_smile

It's a Conway Stewart 85, now if I can find out what ink sac size it takes, I'll probably have to order from overseas as I'm really doubting I'll find one here ins Hobart Tasmania Australia :001_tt2:
Definately a vintage Conway Stewart, it is a lever fill so you will need a new sac if you want to use it. I have a vintage CS 58 and it is a nice writer.
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