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Converted a coworker!

...and I'm not sure if he has signed on here yet, but maybe. I know he's been watching the Mantic59 videos.

Today I brought in my shaving brushes, a MB Ye Olde Barbershoppe, and Proraso so he could get an idea what these are. He swears he's never going to get any expensive brushes. Yeah, I told him, that's what you say now. :lol: He told me his $6 brush is shedding a lot...

Anyway, he brought in some stuff for me! I wasn't expecting that, really. A mostly-empty bottle of Pinaud Clubman (NOT LV!!), a bottle of Club Classic Elite Essence ASL, and a bottle of Citrus Musk cologne.

Clubman, obviously, I've heard of before. Hard to be on this board w/o hearing about it. He kept a new bottle of it. :001_smile

But those other two are news to me. Anyone used them?

I'm going to bring in my unused tube of C.O. Bigalow (Proraso) for him tomorrow. I have a regular tube of Proraso already, so we'll see what he thinks of this.
Nice work, it must be nice having someone to share products with, that way you two can split costs and try out a lot more stuff. Keep up the good work!


I got moves like Jagger
One of my client's employees has my Slim with some Astras since last week giving it a whirl, even though he's still using barbasol. It's a start.

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