Conversations? Inbox? Help!!

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by john parker, Mar 12, 2019.

    Just put a FT in buy-sell-trade. Am now getting notifications in "Inbox", and have no idea how that works. Apparently can't bring up some messages on inbox, and don't know why. Used "Conversation" thinking it was the old "PM" method, and can't understand how it works! Need a fast tutorial so I can respond to members!!!
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    The Inbox is your “private message”. On the new software they are called “conversations”. Starting a conversation with someone is the same as sending them a PM. When you open a message in your Inbox that is a private conversation between you and whomever else is involved. You can see who is in the conversation on the right of the message, or at the bottom on mobile (I think).

    The conversations operate just like any thread here. You reply just as you would to any other thread, but it is only visible between you and the other party.

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