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I just received a Rooney brush handle re-knotted with a Golden Nib best badge knot. It's a nice brush, and I'll be using it tomorrow to help celebrate Imatabor's 51st birthday.


But I got to thinking:
(no jokes about smoke detectors going off, please)

What should I call it? I always thought of the knot as being the business end of the brush. I've never heard of a Golden Nib brush. The handle still says Rooney, but that's not the part that makes the lather. So what to call it?
It's a badger, not a hedgehog!!

Interestingly, the quote of your message read differently than the original reply.

Yeah, I edited it. No self-respecting badger brush would tolerate being conflated with a notorious hedgehog!
(That's a beautiful knot. You're going to make me go and buy something!)
A rose by any other name...

Yeah, it's a fine brush regardless of the name. I'm just in a quandary over nomenclature. Rooneys are considered an elite brush. Calling it a Rooney like the decal indicates rings false when I know the important part isn't Rooney.

A) the Golden Rooney sounds like a great name to me
B) that's one fine looking brush - I hope you enjoy it

Golden Rooney sounds good, and it feels as good as it looks.

Mickey G., of course.

Interesting bio there.
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