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Contest - Thanksgiving!


It is time for the Captain's Choice annual Thanksgiving contest - with a TWIST! How do I enter, you ask? There is nothing to it. Just tell us a story about thankfulness. It can be anything you are thankful for... A person, an experience, something you received or something you did to show thankfulness. You get the idea - the possibilities are endless.

There will be two winners chosen after a time, this is CONUS only please. They will be picked by random.org. Each winner will be able to select one item from our store right here: All Products — Captain's Choice - https://www.captainschoicestore.com/all

Twist... so what is the twist?

Here is the twist: Each of the two winners will be able to select one other entrant. That other entrant that is selected by a winner will ALSO be able to select an item from our store. Four chances to win? Yes, four winners in this contest!
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When I was 54, I went to the doctor for a sinusitis infection. At the end of the exam, the doctor did something odd, he sat down and asked me how I was getting along. I told him that I was doing fine, that I was just getting used to being older. He asked me to give him a for instance. I told him that I found I could no longer mow my yard without taking a break. I told him I had to sit down and rest several times to catch my breath. When I said that, I could see the concern in his face. He said he wanted to schedule me for a treadmill test. Two days later, I found I could not complete the treadmill test and two days after that I was in the hospital having a heart catheter exam. The doctor said I had three blockages and two were too bad to stent. One of those was the widow maker. A little over a week from my sinusitis attack, I was on the operating table having a triple bypass. Had I not had the sinus attack, I would have gone on until I had a heart attack. Had the doctor not taken an extra 20 minutes to talk, I would have left his office with a ticking bomb in my chest. I recovered in record time, and turned my life around. I started exercising, eating right and doing the right things.

Im thankful that a series of random events occurred that lead to the discovery, otherwise I would not be here today.
I am an engineering professor at a small Catholic college. After the disaster of sending everyone home this spring and trying to teach remotely, I am thankful for being able to be with my students in person this semester. Most of my students this semester were freshman and it was obvious they were happy to be back in the classroom, even with masks and other restrictions. Though we had some cases among faculty, staff, and students and attempts by the county to shut us down, we persevered and had no hospitalizations. Everyone worked hard to stay safe. I am thankful for God’s protection.
This year has been awful for so many, but I'm truly thankful. Our home in Reno was threatened this past week by a wind-driven wildfire, the Pinehaven fire, and the hill behind our house was burned to within a foot of our rear fence. The neighborhood was evacuated, but the firefighters and the police did an amazing job in saving and protecting homes. Although five homes were lost, five hundred were threatened. Nine years ago a similar fire threatened the house, but it was saved then as well. Twice blessed!
I'm thankful for being able to work through the pandemic and support my family during the year. Also, being able to stay in contact with several of my friends and enjoy simple things like hiking or playing tennis with them. Also, being able to wet shave and enjoy each one to the fullest, especially with the perfectly sized CC lather bowl that looks amazing! :)
I am thankful for the start of the repairs on my garage roof after a tree fell on it at the beginning of October. I am also thankful that I am home this Thanksgiving, after spending a Thanksgiving overseas, already eight years ago (time really moves fast). I am also thankful that I still have some Nor'Easter aftershave left, though it is getting low - grin.

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This is a tough time of year for our family. I spent time in the hospital this time of year every year until I was 7 with Asthma. My brother-in-law died in 2007. My son spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital with RSV and Pneumonia in 2016. We actually celebrated 2017 in a hospital break room while my son was in for another 2 weeks for tonsils out and feeding tube in. My dad died early December of 2018, my brother-in-law about a month later, and my grandpa died a few days ago.

But all of that actually makes us remember how blessed we truly are. I haven't been hospitalized since I was 7.
My father-in-law is a much better man since his son died, which has blessed our whole family. My son hasn't been hospitalized since 2017. We spent Thanksgiving weekend with my dad in his cabin about a week before he died, and I was able to spend most of that week in the hospital with him. My sister and nephew now live in AZ with us again, and I talked to my grandpa on the phone a lot more often this year because of the pandemic.

While the 4 of us just had to get our first COVID tests, none of us have any symptoms and the rest of our family has been safe so far. I still have a job that allows me to work from home 95% of the time, and I'm looking forward to a full week off for Thanksgiving and 2 weeks off for Christmas and New Years.

God has blessed us greatly.
I'm thankful for a lot of things this year. As with most people, my employment has been at risk for a majority of the year, but thanks to a lot of sacrifices from thousands of my co-workers I've been able to keep my job.

I'm also thankful for my wife's Dental Hygienist for putting a watch on a spot on her tongue. A couple of biopsies and a surgery have put a stop to whatever it was.

I'm also thankful for having so much time at home this year. Without it, I probably wouldn't have pursued the wet shaving hobby. I had been looking at it for some time, but never put in the time to learn until now, so that's a bit of a silver lining for me!


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What a wonderful (per normal) giveaway @Captain Pre-Capsize !

Thanksgiving is my favorite (and I believe most folks) Holiday.

Where do I start? I've had heart failure to one degree or another for more than 40 years and wouldn't change a thing. I was a stereotypical dumb jock that God had other plans for. One of the ways He grabbed my attention was for me to be in the hospital for a surgery over Thanksgiving!

I learned at that time that He wanted me to be a nurse! It took me many years and detours, but I did finally listen to Him!

So I am thankful that He loved me enough to do what it took to get my attention.

Thank you for the opportunity Mr Cappy!
Great stories! Not in, as I've got far too much stuff (and it's about the season to break out my vintage North soap and aftershave!). However, my mom passed away in May of this year. She was 90, not at all unexpected as her health was failing, and she was with it mentally to the end, thank God. My dad had passed in 2015. There is a LOT to be grateful for. My next to last visit with my mom was through a window at the nursing home where she was convalescing after her latest infection. The social distancing would have crushed her spirit had she survived much longer than she did, and I'm grateful for that. Now that we've had to dispose of the worldly goods, my brothers and I have been meeting weekly by GoToMeeting (one of my brothers has account there which gives him longer meetings). I'd forgotten how much fun it is to hang out with the brothers. When we were younger we used to do a Chicago baseball game every summer together. And when we all lived in central Illinois, we'd help each other move by renting a truck and all pitching in. I am so blessed that our parents set us up through years of training to be able to work together and love each other. I could write a lot more about some of the other blessings that were brought about by my parents' foresight and love, but I've written enough for now. Happy thanksgiving one and all. This year's meal will be a lot smaller, but we'll be checking in digitally since it would have been my mother's 91st birthday and my parents' 66th anniversary.


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I am thankful for my family, especially my wife. I am thankful that my entire immediate and extended family has remained Covid free this year. I am thankful my wife and I have kept working through the Pandemic.

Hell I can't list everything.

Thanks for the PIF Scott!!!
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