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Contest: Post Thanksgiving story

Tell us an amusing/interesting/forgettable/awkward story that happened either this Thanksgiving or from a Thanksgiving in the past. The winner will be drawn by random.org.

Have not decided what the winner will receive but you can depend on The Captain to send you a pleasing gift. In fact, there may be a second place and third place winner too. This will be CONUS only please in the interest of shipping expense. So tell us, what was a memorable time that you recall from Thanksgiving?
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Great idea, @Captain Pre-Capsize!!

It's been a few years, but we experienced everyone's Thanksgiving Day nightmare!! No, not the one where your uncle gets drunk and starts inappropriate conversation...the other nightmare...when the oven doesn't heat!! We tend to repair our appliances instead of buying new every couple of years, so our gas stove had some age on it and had been repaired a time or two. My wife, who is an amazing cook and fills the house with yummy food smells, set the oven to turn on at the right time. (I get up with her to put the turkey in the oven - so that I can say I'm helping). We noticed that the oven was still cold...and it's Thanksgiving Day morning; guests will be arriving around noon-time. Full on panic mode ensues, my wife and I scrambling to do what we can to salvage Thanksgiving!! Thankfully...and I'm very thankful...the range top and the microwave were still working!! As guests arrived, we apologized profusely, served a stove-top and microwaved dinner, and had some new things to talk about!! Everyone was very gracious about the situation!!
I saw it too late! Captain, if you change your mind & re-open it, I think more will jump in as they see it.

Awkward Thanksgiving Turkey: Traveling to inlaws house & find out the brother inlaw is doing the turkey. All is good so far, until he says he's doing it with tubs of spreadable butter & basting with maple syrup. What? Yuck! It was not good to say the least! But at least there was quality family time! And we will not be doing that ever again.
One year, at a family get together, we had a carry in dinner. Apparently there wasn't enough communication of who was bringing what. We had three different oyster dressings and no regular dressing or turkey! Lots of other dishes there so I found plenty to eat, but my wife was pretty disappointed with the situation.
Let's reopen it then. Amended to have one winner and available to CONUS only please. Picked by random.org.

Let's hear all about it guys! So far we have three entries. We need at least ten for it to be complete. If we get ten then one will be picked the winner.

Good luck to each of you who enter!


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and one where all parts of the family can come together. My oldest daughter is a postal worker and asked if we could watch my grandson the week of Thanksgiving since that's a busy week for her. So I'm telling our grandson Gunnar about having turkey and how peepaw (that's me) is going to cook a turkey and it's brining in the refrigerator right now. All week we're talking turkey this and turkey that, going gobble, gobble. Finally pull the bird out thanksgiving morning and 3 year old Gunnar starts crying, "Where's the turkey?" I tell him this is indeed a turkey and he says, "No, that's a chicken." Maybe by Christmas time we'll have his big vs. little skills brushed up.
You know, we just are not getting any participation, no problem. I chose a topic not of interest. So we will drop it but I will let you guys in on some info. I'll be having a Christmas contest soon, perhaps in a week or so. That way the winner will have his item before the holiday. So keep an eye out!