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Ok, I guess most members will enter in the contest. The question now arises which prize item would be the most desirable. For me it's the Simpsons Duke #2 best badger brush, followed by one of the Merkur razors. I fear I don't care too much for the high tech mens products in the modern plastic/metal bottles though. What would you gentlemen prefer to win?
Wow, interesting question. I feel some risk of jinxing myself by posting here, but whatever.

Personally, I would love to try any of the stuff, since there is actually nothing there that I already have. But I would be the most excited about one of the brushes. Especially the Saville Row. Or the Duke (really want to try Simpsons best, since I have two Supers on order). Or the Gorgeous Shavemac, which also happens to come with other goodies. Or the Superior, since I have heard such good things about them.

But then, I also have been wanting to try Green Pond Sandlewood. And that EJ handle Murker looks pretty nice.

It's all great. This is the best giveaway drawing I think I've ever seen. Thanks y'all.
Of course every possible praise to the organisers and donators! It really is a great idea. Hope I didn't jinx myself now...
The Shavemac brush - have a Simpson in best and a SR silvertip enroute.

Really though, I'd be happy to win any of these great prizes.

sorry, I don't know the English/American correspondence for the olympic motto:

"Dabei sein ist alles!":wink2: :wink2:

I would be glad about any price...:wink2: :wink2:

I'd love to try any of those fine brushes out. I've had problems figuring out what brush to get for a long time.....so many selections.

....not to mention the rest of the stuff either :biggrin:
It all looks like great stuff to me, I'm sure the winners are going to be VERY happy with the stuff they get! If I am so lucky, I know I will be.
John P.
I'd say you stand at least a ghost of a chance. A lot better than most drawings. Right now there are 112 entries, and it looks like there are probably at least 50 prizes. That's at least passable odds of at least some nice soap.
It certainly seems like there should be a decent contestant/prize ratio. I'm not holding my breath, but I'd be happy winning any of these items, as I'm just starting. I guess we'll see in about 10 days.
I want to win the Shavemac set! Yes, what a gorgeous addition to any shave den. Ohhh, I'm a mod...I can't enter! Good luck to you guys! Whatever you may win, I expect a full report!

I would be happy with any of the prizes. Crap, I hope I didn't jinx myself by posting in this thread. *Crosses fingers, toes, and anything else that can be crossed*
For me it would be the Moss Scuttle. Already have a great brush. Don't need another razor. Have already identified my favorite shaving accoutrements and have an ample supply. However, I would be greatful to win anything- I never win things. But the Scuttle would be a keeper. Other items will likely be given to one of you guys.
As a newbie, I'd love to win the Shavemac set...I've been looking at one of those for awhile now, but I just can't really afford to spend the cash.

Other than that I would have to say the Moss Scuttle, Mama Bear shaving soap, or the Simpson brush.

Of course, I'd be ecstatic if I won anything at all!!!

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