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Contest #9 - Funniest Shave Video

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This contest is where things really start to get crazy. Post a link to a hillarious shaving related video.


Contest Rules:
  • You can post a link to any video but we hope that contestants will post their own creations. (One entry per contestant.)
  • No nudity. If your towel falls off during the shave you need to call cut and shoot again :lol:
  • As always the best shaving related video will be determined by vote. It is hoped voters will give strong preference to user created video content.
This contest is brought to you by Shaving Essentials and the prize is a $50 gift certificate - with FREE shipping! AND a Nancy Boy Package.




Roll em'​


*Due to USPS shipping restrictions, this contest is only available to CONUS members. We truly apologize to our overseas members.
Can I enter with part of a video? I made this video as a supplement for a written review I did on the Ultimate Comfort series from T&H on a Norwegian Shaving forum (exclusive to northern vikings) and the first part is a sort of a joke. The lyrics read:

- T&H - The gentle before, in between and after
- The beginning
- How should one start?
- With something crazy?
- Like a shaving brush?
- That´s angry at everyone and everything?

As you can see my ingenious plot is about a very angry shaving brush that hates the world and everything in it. All this anger is taken out on the poor T&H products led on by some swedish death metal. :blink:

Everything after the intro are some pictures and a demo of the products.

Fight for kisses... ok so it's a cartridge commercial...

EDIT I have been informed that I am limited to one entry.
I will leave the two links below for your viewing pleasure, but please do not consider them entries.


Only Mr bean could make this funny.

I get a kick out of this guy's facial expressions. No wonder he hates shaving.
I like this one. The blockhead in the chair certainly has an icy disposition!

[YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fR2q47sbSPY[/YOUTUBE]I tried to recreate the big shave but King of Kailua beat me to it with the original. But anyways here it is.
I have always enjoyed Mantics Videos. They are useful and informative. However after doing some shave related surfin on the net, I found there are other shaving tutorial videos out there. During one such search I found the following video on You Tube. Watching this clip with a traditional wetshaving mind, I found this to be one funny clip.

Click Here To View Video

sorry I couldn't embed the clip. It worked ok when i previewed it, But didn't when I submitted the post

Attn Mods, although I live in Negril, Jamaica , I do have a CONUS address
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