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Considering purchasing some Wild Country--worth it?


I smell like a Christmas pudding
Wild Country aftershave has a great masculine woody scent with a powdery drydown, but it has little or no skin care ingredients, it is just scent and alcohol, which is fine by me. It is a superb in cologne form and I strongly recommend the vintage version, it is a masterpiece. I have not tried any new formulation

+1 on the above. Very powdery talc like dry down for me. Old school barbershop scent. I used the talc, deodorant and aftershave back in the 90's before going to church.

I am pretty sure the aftershave has glycerin but the cologne splash doesn't.
I've seen a lot of people on here using Avon Wild Country, and I've wanted to try it but I have no experience--can anybody tell me what the general scent is like, if it's any good? Opinions will vary I know.
A lot of Anise to me. It's also one of Okiestubble's favorite. $14 in the Avon catalog.
If you enjoy the powdery oriental type of scent, then yes, get some. Wild Country is in the Clubman, Jade East, Brut area. The aftershave also is kind to the skin, no menthol, but mildly moisturizes. Well worth having.


Dirty Donuts are so Good.

While there are some vague similarities to Clubman, Canoe, Brut and a couple of other old skool’ fougere’s,

Avon Wild Country, especially its vintage version is a special breed and much better than the aforementioned listed.

It holds a special place in my den for not only it’s masculine scent that was cut from the rugged nature and personality of an old western movie, but also from the nostalgic memories of just a plain simpler time; a better time it seemed, where men were just simply… Men.

There will always be the likes of these vintage aftershaves in my den. Wild Country, Shulton Old Spice and Gillette Sun Up. :)
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