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Considering a Tilley

It's getting warmer here in sunny FL and I've decided to get a hat for golfing and wandering about that gives better protection from the sun than the traditional ball or golf caps. Given that it gets HOT here in the summer, I prefer a hat that is not too heavy and definitely breathable. The models I am most attracted to are these; T5MO, T5 Hemp and the TMH5. I do not like the nylon hats and wish to stay with a more natural fiber construction. Would anyone have experience with these Tilleys and offer advice? Thanks,
I've had the T5 Hemp for about 6 years or so. It's a great hat but it is certainly not light compared to some of the other models. Anything made in Canada by Tilley always suits me fine.
Buy one and you have it for a lifetime - very high quality. As to which to get and considering you are in Florida I would get the most breathable one they have.


Stumpy in cold weather
Get one with the mesh venting at the top ...

The Tilley's are amazing. I currently have 2 - one for summer and one for winter.

Definitely look for the mesh ones for really hot weather.
My cuz lives in St. Pete and wears Tilleys all the time. The one above is his winter hat. They have a full mesh version he uses in the summer. He buys them At some outdoor place in the Tampa Bay Area.
I have the the LTM6 Airflo, which is a Nylon hat similar to the T5MO style. I originally wanted a hemp hat, but this was a hat which I could try on locally to insure proper fit. My local store had 3-4 models which fit me, but I liked the overall fit, style, and wide brim of this one best out their stock so I purchased it.

I have not abused it, but I have needed to compress and stuff it tightly into a suitcase and a backpack and it comes out holding its original shape and looking pretty well. Overall I am quite happy with my LTM6, consider how well it travels and offers sun protection.
I have no idea what my actual model number is (I could check when I get home). Mine looks like the photo above. Of course I live in MN, so my needs are probably a bit different than yours. Very pleased with the hat.
I've had the T5 Hemp for about 6 years or so. It's a great hat but it is certainly not light compared to some of the other models. Anything made in Canada by Tilley always suits me fine.

I've also considered getting the hemp hat. I live in IN, so it doesn't get terribly hot here. But I am pretty warm natured generally and need extra sun protection on my head due to my hairs apparent migration. Do you find the T5 to be too hot for summers/golf use? I'll also be going to the beach this summer, and will want something to keep my head protected out there as well.
Back when I switched from caps to hats, I started with Tilley hats. I could afford several of those for the price of one good felt or Panama hats. I have one of the cotton wide brim hats with a few large brass grommets for ventilation. It's rather heavy but does provide a lot of shade, and being bright white reflects a lot of heat. The others are their nylon material whatever they call it. They are a lot lighter. One has a band of mesh around the crown, one has the grommets, and another has the sides of the crown of a solid mesh, lined with a foam or spun fiber looking material, which does pass air easily. I judge air movement by available breezes, or that created when riding my lawn mower. The mesh hats do a better job of ventilation than those with the grommets. The fedora looking model actually seems better although you cannot see through the mesh, and holds it shape better than the other more traditional fabric sided crowns. The mesh models seem to funnel air over the top of my head when moving, cooling my head more than having no hat on, sounds strange.

Other than recommending the model with the totally mesh sides for the most ventilation since you are going to be in the sun a lot, get the largest brim possible, and the lightest color possible.
I own 2 LTM6 and 2 LTM5 Tilleys and LOVE them. Very light, breathable and comfortable. When they get dirty, just throw them in the wash.
First real hat I ever bought. I can go on at length about the warranty, UV protection, and all their benefits but if you have read the web page they do a great job of informing you of all that stuff. Between the ones you have chosen I would choose the Hemp first. Hemp naturally doesn’t shrink, resists stains and mildew, great protection with a looser weave material (more air flow) if I was to get a new one it would be at the top of my list. Next to that would be the airflow organic cotton. All my Tilley hats are the Duck cotton, I just prefer it over the nylon material. Personal preference. Airflow seems to be one of Tilley hats top sellers, probably for a reason. I just don’t like the fact the mesh has no UV protectant. It is a small gap so I am sure it won’t make much of a difference but I buy a hat for sun protection so it makes a difference to me. Hope that helps. Any more questions fire away.
I have a T5 that has done me good for over 15 years and I don't find to that hot. I have worn it hiking, the beach and on a glacier. Keep it in my truck as a backup hat.
Not sure how dressy you want/need to be, but a military-style Boonie hat serves same purpose at much lower cost.
Not sure how dressy you want/need to be, but a military-style Boonie hat serves same purpose at much lower cost.

A lot cheaper, but nowhere near as cool as one of the mesh vented models. I wore a Boonie hat a bit while in the AF. For most of my outdoor yard work I wear a cheap cotton with nylon mesh sides. One is so bleached out the once tan cotton is now a dirty white, and the nylon mesh is still tan, but it's cool.
Being wearing canvas one with tne yellow brass grommets for years. I like it. Good hat. Like that it's crushable vs a Panama straw hat.

Be forewarned, it tends to be warm to wear in the summer, also be sure to wash it occasionally as perspiration will stain the fabric. Learned that the hard way!
I have a tilley that I got when my grandma passed. It belonged to my grandfather who got it around when I was born. The had still looks like it's new (when I wash it. :)) and works beautifully. Oh, and it's at least 30 yrs old. One of the original T3 snaps. Tilley males great products.


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I'd suggest checking out the hats in person and find the widest brim you can find. The one I have (don't know the model, has some mesh venting at the top) works great in general, but I don't use it for golf anymore. I like the idea of the brim around the head (especially to cover the ears and back of the neck) but found it not long enough to cover the eyes. So I've gone back to my golf cap.
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