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Considering a Simpson Persian Jar


I’m considering adding a Simpson Person Jar to my stable. I currently have 2xCH2, 2xD3 and 1xCL1. I’ve previously had several CH1’s.

I’m very happy with the Dukes and the Classic but the Chubbies are not working very well for me. I find them a little too dense and with too much backbone for my tastes (Manchurian and Super). I also find them a little short and fat for my hand. Too Chubby I suppose. As a bowl latherer I’d like a slightly longer handle, longer loft, less density and more flow through.

The Persian Jar looks like a good alternative. The sweeping lines of the PJ have long caught my eye and the proportions look better suited to me. I’d be interested to hear how the PJ compares to the Duke, Chubby and Classic lines. I’m also a stuck between the PJ2 and PJ3 sizes. If anyone has side by side shots with their other Simpsons that would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Tom


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What size and hair?

The Simpsons Super badger is a consistent and reliable (if a little bland) knot - it will lather a brick.

The PJ3 handle, like the T3 handle is getting big for my hand, so if you find a large Chubby handle ‘fat’, you will likely find the PJ3 fat also.

The best Simpsons bowl lathering brush handles IMO are the Keyhole and 50 series. Neither are commonly sold in Super badger though I’m sure that Mark would build you one with whatever knot that you wanted.
Pic was sent to me recently, maybe just what you're looking for though...
I had a PJ3 once....lovely brush, but that handle was too big for me.

You need yourself a Duke 4 (as I call it).

The LE Grosvenor 404S 2 Band Super Badger. SIMFIX may have had something similar at one time. This was an LE for Bullgoose shaving I believe

Not for sale.
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The PJ2 to PJ3 goes from 20 to 24 mm knot size so a large jump. I have had several PJ2s over the years in both best and super. One of them in best was also very deeply curved and was the nicest one to use IMO. A bit floppy if pushed but a very versatile brush that I used for several years as my main brush.
I’ve been very happy with my recent Polo 8 acquisition. The knot of a Chubby 1.5, but not as dense and with a nice long handle. Great flow through and bigger face feel than the Chubby 1, but not as big as the Chubby 2

I’m a big fan of Super over Best, so my choice would be the Polo 8 in Super. For me the Polos are an overlooked series in Simpson’s lineup

An Eagle G3 in super wouldn’t be bad either, but those are hard to come by and sell very quickly
PJ2...the finest handle shape ever. I have 2 Simpson & 2 Rudy Vey PJs. Rudy has nailed the PJ handle. Let me see if I can find a pic.
2 Simpson (one is Somerset era) flanking a Rudy Vey.
A PJ I had Rudy make for the Sue Moore Auction a few years ago.
Can confirm:
Oh my what a beautiful brush. I've only read about 2 or 3 bespoke G2's. Lovely Eagle you have there!

Inquired about G2 in Best with Simpson August 2020, the very cordial reply was, "our custom brushes are normally reserved for the higher value end of the spectrum, namely Manchurian Badger given the time taken to put these together."

Perhaps if I asked for Super the answer would've been different but the cost premium of Best vs Super isn't nearly as large as Best vs Manchurian hair. It certainly can't hurt to ask. shavemac's Beagle has more than scratched that itch. :)
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