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Considering a custom

I was recently admiring my modest brush rotation (3 badgers, from Simpson, EJ, and Shavemac), and said to myself "Self, that's a nice collection...you have all the brushes you need."

Then I saw the recent "Wolf Whiskers Parade" thread, and poked around the WW site. [cue loud sucking sound]

I then said to myself "Self, you fool...you NEED another brush!"

Then, recalling all the posts about custom brushes here on B&B, I got to thinking (always dangerous, but especially under the influence of AD), and I'd like some advice from y'all.

I guess I want (er...NEED...) another brush, a custom one, and I see a number of options:

  • Wolf Whiskers
  • Whipped Dog
  • Rudy Vey
  • others?

I would appreciate brief "contrast and compare" from people who have acquired any/all of these. I'd be interested in:

  • appearance/workmanship
  • selection
  • value
  • performance
  • customer service
  • overall impressions/satisfaction

As a recovering engineer, I will of course analyze this to death, digging into websites, poring over threads here on B&B, creating spreadsheets, etc.

But I believe some summaries would be very valuable -- to all brushaholics, not just me. Another chance for enthusiastic -- and informative -- discussion.

I have a wd and in the process of ww.I can narrow it down to 2. Ww and vey. I don't think wd is very custom or rather custom enough. I can't speak for vey. I haven't dealt with him but like you I'm sure, I've seen his work and it's top notch. Wolf is extremely good to work with though, thorough, responsive, helpful, and im sure you've seen his work too. I hear the same for vey of course.
I have greatly enjoyed Doug Korn's handles. He can turn any shape of handle you would like and he offers a large selection of rods to choose from.
He does wonderful work and he is great to correspond with.

Here are some examples:

I also don't consider WD a custom brush maker. Those Doug Korns are beauties. Bob Quinn (Elite Razors) also makes outstanding brushes. I recently ordered two RV's and his work is oustanding.
Rudy Vey's work is impeccable, I feel RV and Peter Wolf are safe bets, you can't go wrong with these two amazing gentlemen.


All above mentions are great.
i also enjoy custom from Shavemac as well as fron McIvor.
or you might think about getting a vintage brush restored.
lots of options!


I have 5 Rudy Vey's and they are all top-notch. TGN and Shavemac knots are all top notch choices for his handles, which are almost anything you can describe.
I have 2 Rudys and 2 Wolf Whiskers. I love all of them, but I have to give a slight edge to WW. The only drawback of dealing with WW is waiting for the list to open again.

I will say that getting a custom made with a Shavemac knot was easier with Rudy. He acquired the knot himself. Whereas I had to order the knot from Shavemac and then send it to Peter to get a WW with a Shavemac knot.

I think that ordering is easier with WW. Aside from waiting for the list to open that is. He has a gallery with photos of all his shapes and all his materials. Deciding on what you want is never easy, but you have plenty of examples to look at.

I can guarantee one thing, you won't regret getting a brush from either of these guys!
I have a small RV custom and a WD silvertip custom set. The only "issue" I may mention is WD offers relatively small handles and not many options there. But Larry is a joy to work withy and a great value. For a truly custom experience and artistic expression look to Rudy or WW.
Rudy is a great guy. I bought a brush from another maker I will not mention. As I believe my experience may be the exception and not the rule. Or at least I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. Anyway it had a Shavemac Knot that she'd from day 1 to today. I know it still sheds because I got so digested with it, I gave it to my brother, and have seen that thing act like a middle aged man with male pattern baldness. I don't know if it was the knot being bad (shavemac? That's hard to believe, or if it was damaged on install, or if I was given a bit & switch), but I've had 2 Shavemac brushes made by Rudy since, and I have lost a total of MAYBE 5 hairs over 18 months. Rudy Very is exceptional, very detailed and meticulous, and ill.nevwr buy anything else .
Rudy Vey is a great brush maker and fantastic to deal with. What I really like about dealing with him, are the quick responses and turn around time plus a great knowledge about knots in general - especially Shavemacs. Here some pictures of my custom 30mm Shavemac 2-band silvertip:

Another brush maker I would like to recommend is Nathan Clark - whose company is called Envy Shave. What I love about Nathan, is that he pours his own resin stocks and has his own (fantastic) knots. So you can have colours and patterns you like, which makes the brush even more customised. His response and turn around times were also great - here my custom (28mm Envy White) brush from him:

I have also heard many great things about Doug Korn and have currently a brush on order from him. So far dealings with him have also been great.

I think you can't go wrong with any of these gentlemen - if you need any more information (ie. prices etc.) I am more than happy to answer your questions via PM.

I guess for me the biggest surprise was, the modest costs of these brushes in comparison to what some of the large companies charge for a mass produced brush/handle.
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Wow! That Envy should be named "The Jimi Hendrix Shave Experience."

Love it.

Thank you kind sir!

What about Paladin?
Paladin are truly great brushes and I love them - I have 2! But they are not custom. They come in limited shapes and materials and at the moment you don't have any input on the knot...

Don't get me wrong, sometimes it is better to let somebody as experienced as Ken decide for you, which knot/loft works, but it is not custom in a sense that you can decide what you want.

Having said all that - I will definitely try to get a Paladin Lotus in the future - they are stunning :thumbup:
I have several from Rudy and Peter and both are very well made brushes, Peter at WW may take awhile as you have to get on a list.
Another maker not mentioned, Brad Sears.
I don't have a brush from him yet but he'll get to working mine in late June. He has some very cool designs and has started carrying Manchurian knots.
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