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Consider ordering take out from your fav restaurants


Aaron Scissorhands
We don't eat out much because I really like to cook. Lately though weve been ordering out to help out the local restaurant owners. Tonight it was Hao Hao...a Vietnamese/Chinese place we've patronzed since the early 90's. SWMBO...Sesame Chicken, egg roll, soup. I ordered shrimp roll vermicelli.

Have you helped out? Or, not?
Picking up a big ole rack of ribs and some trimmings from the local Applebees at 6 EST. Not as good as my homemade, but my wife & I want to give em some love.

Ad Astra

The Instigator
We finally did last weekend.

Our local Mexican place where we know the servers and enjoy speaking Spanish with them.

Once my wife left her wallet there, realized an hour later. Went racing back, they handed it back to her with a laugh; we didn't even have to look to know there was nothing missing. Try THAT in your big city!

So yeah, got nachos, refused the change from $20. We really, really hope they make it through this ...



Fussy Evil Genius
It's hard to believe that it's only been about five weeks since talking about all this HERE. It feels like it's been a year.

We've gotten into a decent routine. We're getting takeout out delivery several times each week and trying to spread it around.

I've noticed that the restaurants have settled in about as well as one might expect. The were pretty nervous for the first week or so, but just about all have adapted. No one is doing well, but they are hanging in there. A few decided to shut until they can reopen their dining rooms.
My town is really small but we have a couple of really good joints, we order regularly, and the company I work at approved to buy us lunch a couple days a week from the local places to keep them and us in good spirits.
I miss the afternoons, sitting at the bar of the East Chatham Food Company, drinking my coffee and reading my book. The conviviality of the tavern is not easily replaced.

Fortunately, they offer wonderful takeout fare, which I order often. It tastes as good, but somehow, just doesn't feel as good.

And, yes, I tip extra.
There is a great local pizza/microbrewery in our town. So the wife and I spoke with the manager and put $500 there and then told all of our friends to use it up. It is a great way to help a local business and our friends during these challenging times.
Perfect timing. SWMBO and I rarely eat out. Once or twice a YEAR at best and only to a very small group of establishments that we know the owners.

I called Sue last Tuesday and asked if she could get a fish for Friday. The boats are not going out so I gave her a few days to make sure.

Called our friends and asked if they wanted to get something also. They were in so it was a decent order for her.

I went to her opening back in 1999 and have been hooked on Thai food ever since.

We got a whole steamed snapper with red curry and veggies and shrimp Pad Thai. Our friends got shrimp mango red curry and shrimp pad Thai.

First time I have gotten take away from her.

As usual the meal was orgasmic.


Needs milk and a bidet!
Got 6 burgers and fries and 2 slices of cake from the market down the road today. All for roughly $40. That’s a great price for what you get! That’s the only place we’ve ordered from since the pandemic. They have really great food and it is literally 1.6 miles down the road (Google says so). Sure beats the 10 mile drive to town for any other restaurants.

There is also a market that is 0.1 miles away, basically next door. We don’t get the food often (because the other place is better) but for beer and snacks and ethanol free gas that’s the place.

Can’t exactly support any business that’s more local than these 2!
My local favorite did such great take-out business last night, they actually had to turn people away. I hope that helps see them through the storm, as the owners are friends, and really good places are hard to find.


Two weeks ago I ordered a rib eye from Texas Roadhouse. They are good, but it reminded me that I still prefer the steaks that I make at home. The person who brought it out got a little over a 20% minute tip (I round up to the next even dollar amount).


Aaron Scissorhands
Two weeks ago I ordered a rib eye from Texas Roadhouse. They are good, but it reminded me that I still prefer the steaks that I make at home. The person who brought it out got a little over a 20% minute tip (I round up to the next even dollar amount).
I can't see ordering a steak to be delivered. But desperate times mean desperate measures.
Picked up 5 lbs of boiled crawfish from our local shack drive-thru for my Dad's birthday present. I might have helped him eat them...


I’ve been tipping pretty heavily as well. Can’t imagine to be a waiter/ food industry right now.
Last time we went out we went to the local pizza joint; really hope it doesn’t close.
my youngest has been watching a lot of tv so he has been asking for Olive Garden. Told him when this over we’ll go. Guess they have a commercial there doing a bit now.
We've been ordering takeout every Friday. Part of it is trying to maintain a routine of date nights and having a work week and a week, even as Ive been furloughed and my wife has been working from home.
Part of it too is that these businesses depend on us during this time just to stay in business. If we dont, they wont come through the other side of this.
we do once or twice a week. We live in a very small town and the pickings are slim but we also see the direct effect of what is happening.
I picked up lunch at a taqueria that’s a part of a Mexican market. Two al pastor super burritos for the wife and I. 1 pound of carnitas, large fries, chips and salsa For the boys. Also a large mango Agua Fresca to surprise the lady of the house with. She’s been working from home and I thought she deserved a treat.