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Confessions of a Straight Shaver

Gentlemen, I have a confession to make. I have been straight shaving for over 2 months now and I really like it a lot. I had the day off today and was planning on having a nice relaxing straight shave this morning, but I went out last night and had a little too much fun. I finally rolled off the couch and hopped in the shower about an hour ago. When I went to my shelf to grab my weapon of choice, I saw my lonely Muhle R89 that I had loaned out to a friend for the last month to get him in to wet shaving. Feeling a little lazy and sorry for my DE razor, I grabbed it and loaded it up with an Astra SP and whipped up some MWF.

It makes me a little sad to say this, but the result was truly the best shave I have had in about 2 months.......:bored: Two passes and a little touch up left my face 100% irritation free and very smooth. A real BBS shave.

Again, I love straight shaving and will definitely continue to do it. When actually shaving with a straight though, I know my technique and edge maintenance are things I really need to improve on. There are still a couple spots on my face that I can't get without feeling tugging or irritation due to improper angle or not stretching well. And I know that my honing/stropping are far from great because when I get a razor honed by someone who knows what they are doing, my results are much better for the first couple shaves. But after maybe 3 shaves, the razors really feel like they tug more and don't feel as smooth on my skin. So that is my confession for today. Hopefully it won't be something that happens too often.
I have been at this for about four months and for me the best thing to do is to take a break and shave with a DE once in a while. It actually improves my technique with straights. My edges last six shaves at best so we're in the same boat. I remember when I began shaving with a DE I could get only one comfortable shave from a blade, then 3 then 5 or more. Important thing is to have fun and enjoy the process.
Move along. No sin here.

I continue to work on improving technique while trading off between straights and DE's all the time. That "having fun" advice is key...
I will admit shaving with the DE is kinda boring compared to the straight. There really isn't too many things more manly or cool than stropping a straight.
2 months isn't very long really. Your shaves will improve it just takes time. For me after a few months things kinda stayed the same for awhile but then every so often I would be shaving and try something new that would make a big difference in a spot. They just happened at a slower pace them when I was first learning. But the biggest thing is I enjoy my straight shaves sooo much more then my DE. I still have a few trouble spots on my neck after 3 years but that's fine it's just how my beard grows. It doesn't bother me more than I enjoy the shave so no big deal it's still close just not BBS everywhere. I didn't get into straight razors because I needed super close shaves but because I needed comfortable shaves. For the most part I ended up with both.
I can relate to most of what you said Mick. I really do enjoy straight shaving and I don't mind if the shave result isn't perfect BBS everywhere. But I can't seem to get a totally irritation free shave from a straight yet which I was able to do with a DE after maybe a week. Just need to keep trying new angles and stretching my neck.
My neck is impossible to get "totally irritation free" with straight, DE or anything else. So you've got one up on my being able to with DE. It will come 2 months is a short time to get proficient with a straight IMO.
I have been using only my straights for 8 months now..sometimes giving your face a something else brings back the appreciation for your straights
Just remember... It's not always about the destination. It's often about the journey. I get equal results with either style of razor, but I much prefer the journey with the straight.
Nothing wrong with using a DE now and again, although I haven't touched one in who knows how long. Two months in you're (at least I was) still at a beginners level. I took me a LONG ARS time before it all just clicked. Keep at it and it will, in time, click for you.
Two months, not nearly enough time. At best you are 60 shaves in, everyone says, and I would have to agree, you need at lead 100 shaves.

Keep it up, nothing wrong with DE shaving though. You may just have to sit down to pee from here on.
Yeah I don't shave every day either, maybe 3-4 times a week. I am by no means giving up on straights. Just need to get better at it.
Damn, if I knew my man card would get suspended, I should have just kept the secret to myself. Will have to earn it back tomorrow with a straight shave.
It took me about 2 years to get the shaves that straights are legendary for. It was just 4 months ago that I finally have shaves every day that are just stellar!

One might ask what did I discover.....well normally I do four passes. N-S, Center to ears (XTG), ears to center (XTG), and finally ATG in that order. I did that for over two years and though that was it, I had arrived!!!! Oh no that was fleeting feeling. I discovered something that, for me, that has changed the game. On the second pass I went ATG then the rest of the passes normally. It was a miracle! BBS every day. Shouldn't make a difference.....should it?

How come the change in technique, one may ask? I noticed and had read that when a lot of guys wait another day to shave instead of shaving every day that they got better shaves. I noticed that also and someone on this forum said it was because when the hair is a bit longer the blade cuts the hair better.

Well enough of the self aggrandizing. The point is that, first of all, be patient and it will happen. Secondly small changes can sometimes change what kind of shaves you get and because everyone is different there is no pat answer other than one must have a sharp razor and something to keep it in that state.

Enjoy the ride!

Take Care,
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