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Complexion Inprovement

Hi all,

I’ve been DE shaving since February, since retiring my cans of goo and Mach 3 refils to the mrs my facial complexion has never been so good. I’m not just talking about a reduction in spots or skin blemishes but my skin feels and looks a lot healthier and much more hydrated with my new routine (applying a bloomed soap, face lather, shave, alum, AS splash then Nivea post shave balm.) Prior to Feb I was shaving very sporadically, some times once a week-10 days sometimes every other day. I now shave 6 days a week and working on a 24/7 shift pattern do not have set shaving times so frequently go 36 hours between shaves. Colleagues have even commented that I look fresh. I have not ever suffered with bad skin but applying soaps and creams with a brush and shaving almost daily really is doing my skin the world of good!
I too have noticed it. But for most of us is it the shaving, or is it the serious washing of our faces and applying lotion every 24 hours or whenever?
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