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Comparo: Merkur 37 & RazoRock German 37

I tend to pack fairly light when I travel, but a few grams one way or another doesn't matter much to me for a razor. I prefer to take a nice stainless razor that gives me good shaves rather than pack something featherweight that doesn't please me with the shave.

My 37 is actually in a travel set. My personal preference, considering these two razors, would be to take the RazoRock. First, if I lose it I'm not losing a vintage razor. Secondly I like the ergonomics just slightly better -- and shaving while traveling usually means conditions aren't as nice as in my Shave Cave. Having a known good razor in my hands is a help, even if I have to use whatever random DE blades and a tube of Proraso that I can pick up at a drugstore wherever I land.


I think I will get a German 37, as I was set on one a few days ago. I just missed out on a secondhand one, which then made me think about the handle.
Having never owned a Razorock I didn't really have much knowledge of the length and weight of the handles. So after reading your thread it has enlightened me. As I would have just bought a HD handle as it looks like the 37c handle.
Now I think I will get the UFO handle as it makes the German 37 closer to the 37C in weight and balance. I also have a knurled de89 handle, which might also be worth a try on the German 37 head.
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Just shaved this morning with the Razorock German 37 with HD handle. I was planning on getting the UFO handle, but unfortunately my local stockist didn't have one. He then offered me a great deal with the HD and bulldog handle which I don't have.
I was planning to drill out the base of the handle if I found it too heavy. However I found I really liked the G37 with the HD handle combination.


I found the G37 smoother, closer and more efficient than my post 2016 merkur 37c (also cheaper to buy!). I also found it easier to use, with the heavier, thicker and longer handle, especially for my big hands. I also got no neck irritation when going ATG on my neck.

The scallops on the safety bar are deeper on the German 37, also looks like a slightly bigger blade gap. I understand that the German 37 was based on the pre 2016 - 37c/39c head, before Merkur altered the cast.
If you want to try a slant I would recommend the German 37 over the newer Merkur 37c or 39c. Better head design and many handle options being a 3 piece razor.
I am very glad I tried the German 37.
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It's a little hard to pick out in the picture, but if you look at the upper surface of the threaded stud, toward the end, you may see that the threads aren't deeply cut in that spot. I'm assuming this was good enough to get over RazoRock's quality control bar, but I'm also assuming that since you can buy a new head for $12.50 on sale, that the bar is already set rather low. It requires a little care when threading on the handle, but once it's on the handle is solid.

As I say, not a dealbreaker but it was my money and I'd like to have a well-made product for it instead of a "Friday" piece.

Funny my German 37 head also has damaged and faulty threads. It took a bit of effort to get the handle on square. My supplier is sending me a new head. I compared the G37 with a DE89 head in the photo.
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