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Comparison between Feather and Kai shavettes ?


I wonder if we could list all the AC shavette models from Feather and Kai available in the market. Can we also make a comparison between them measuring the aggressiveness level?

So far I know that there is :
Feather Dx
Feather Ss
Feather Sr.

Kai Captain
Kai Kasho
Kai Luffy

There is a small bump in some models like the Feather SS. Correct me please by putting your knowledge.

Hope we can make this thread a learning one for all those who are looking into the shavette world.

Generally, the consensus is that most of the Kais and their clones have a shape similar to the Feather SR. Interestingly, that shape originates with them. @Feather... :glare:

The Tadalus is supposed to be the end all be all of shavettes and not surprising, it's all in the shape. I will be picking up a wood handle Kai Kasho at some point as it has the Luffy shape. And the price is moderate, not cheap.
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