Comparing the Three (3) Different Major Toggle Types

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    Here are pictures of the three different major types of Toggles. The different Toggles shown from left to right are a) an A-3 Serial Toggle, b) a D-1 Standard Toggle and c) a F-4 Chrome Toggle. At first glance they all appear similar, but they are different in a few ways.

    First, look at the micrometer adjuster. The leftmost Serial Toggle has a "Red Dot" position indicator and it's maximum position setting is "5". The middle Standard Toggle also has a "Red Dot" position indicator, however it's maximum position setting is "9". The rightmost Chrome Toggle has a "Black Spring" indicator which has two function: to indicate the position and to provide resistance and tactile feedback at each setting.

    Next, look at the heads. The blade trays are different on each type. The leftmost Serial Toggle adjusts the blade by applying pressure to the blade in four (4) places. From the front you can see two horizontal bars. The middle Standard Toggle has a "Toothy Grin". You can see five (5) horizontal bars from the front and the entire plate adjusts up and down. The rightmost Chrome Toggle has just one (1) horizontal bar and again the entire plate adjusts up and down.

    Each of the Toggle lever lengths are different. The longest being the Standard Toggle and the shortest being the Chrome Toggle. When the Silo doors are open, the stamping on the Standard and Chrome Toggle say "PAT NO. ON PKG." while the Serial Toggle has no stamping on the blade tray. And finally, the Serial Toggle has a serial number stamped on the base plate; the Standard Toggle and the Chrome Toggles have their date codes stamped there.

    There are of course internal differences too, but let's get to the pictures!!!!

    CT-1.JPG CT-2.JPG CT-3.jpg CT-4.jpg CT-5.jpg CT-6.jpg
  2. Those things are evil.
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    While I was at it here are the five (5) different Toggle types. Not to be confusing but of the major type the Serial Toggle there is a gold and a nickel; of the major type Standard Toggle there is only a gold one; and of the major type Chrome Toggle there is a gold and a nickel.

  4. why must you tease me with such beauty
  5. Glenn, you are on a roll, keep them coming. You are presenting some very useful info..........
  6. More eye candy. Here are 3 Gillette prototypes, a long handle Aristocrat, a bottom dial 195, and last but not least, an early 5 position toggle. All came out of the Joe & Betty Dial collection. Achim got the two gold pieces, and another guy the 195.
    Here is the proto toggle on the right up against a standard ;
    I had 4 or 5 at one time. Sold them all, didn't particularly care for the shave at that time. Probably should have kept one. :001_rolle
  7. Great write-ups, Glenn. Thanks for the info and the super pics.
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    Fascinating, as usual. Thank you! :001_smile
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    Oh! There is the Big Tease! 'I had 4 or 5, but didn't like the shave, so I sold them'.

    Oh, well. I understand. I had other Fasans that I sold. I liked the shaves, but figured I only need one. ;)

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    Man I've got nothing better to do recently than futz with my razor collection and my iPhone camera. So here you go - more darn toggle pictures!!! Are you on overload yet? I know! It's like: STOP PLEASE... Go get a real job!

    IMG_2417.JPG IMG_2418-B.jpg IMG_2420.JPG IMG_2421.JPG IMG_2424.JPG IMG_2431.JPG
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    Very nice.
  12. The Bottom Dial was a 5 number one!
  13. Great informative posts!
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    Very, very, VERY cool and interesting pieces. Thanks for posting!
  15. Beautiful photos Glenn. Well done.
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    Hey guys! Thanks for all the positive feedback. Tom, I am really happy with the way the #2605 Toggle pictures came out. I saw some of the ones you did of it and they were an inspiration for me. My closeup photo of the razor head with Styrene Cap, 5 position adjuster dial with Red Dot and 20-pak of Blue Blades all in the pigskin holder was one. Also, the photo of the razor's stamped serial number juxtaposed to the same serial number on the warranty card, were both pictures I wanted to do after seeing some of your work with it.
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  17. Terrific photo essay! Thanks!
  18. It is my great fortune (or misfortune, depending on how you look at it) to have the first quarter of 1958 as my birth quarter; I have a D1 standard toggle. I much prefer it to any of the subsequent adjustables, although the Fat Boy runs a close second.

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