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Coming up on the Next Episode of B&B Radio 06.12.2017 - HELP!!!!

That's Right you heard correctly... We need your help for show ideas for the next episode
give us some topics you would like us to discuss from anywhere on B&B or about Traditional Shaving, you name it


just respond with your show ideas right here in this thread!

Some show ideas

1. How the shaving market has changed

2. 3017 vs. variety

3. Update on Biko's travels

4. Restraint vs. buying I mean hoarding

5. Talk Fragrances to us since you are somewhat of an expert in that arena

6. Let Walt and Chris talk science!

Those are just a few ideas... I will think of more.
With the heat finally hitting us in full effect this week, how about doing something on Menthol? You could focus on some of the more famously chilling soaps and aftershaves, but include some of the more general information about menthol, like its other uses, skin care properties, history, etc.

I can't use it much, because it tends to irritate my skin if I use it frequently, I just thought it might be a good summertime topic.
How about something on popular products on B&B.
I did an analysis of 100 blade purchases in the Safety Razor Blades forum, back a while ago. Maybe something similar could be done on other products.

Or this thought came to mind, come up with a shave or shaves based on reviews found here on B&B. Kind of a Episode Shave(s).

And another thought, Hot Product/item of the episode. What product is getting the most talk the past 2 weeks.
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