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Coming Up Jan 1st 2022 ! Some New Stuff

Tony Miller

Speaking of horse butts…
Been working on a few new ideas and materials to start the new year off with.

First is a new handle option using my heavy D-ring as the connection for my leather handles instead of the smaller rectangle loop. Lots of customers could not decide between handles or D-rings so I just added handles to the D-rings which gives two grip choices. Grab the handle as usual or you can slip two fingers in the D-ring and the leather handle lays nicely along the palm of the hand. Both other options will still be available, just D-rings or handles with the more compact looking rectangle loop.

I will also have a few new leather choices. First is a new European Bridle leather. 7oz to 8oz, smooth finely waxed medium tempered surface, somewhat firm hang and a really nice smooth light draw with a nice light golden "antique" coloring. If popular I may be able to source this in a darker or medium brown tone.

Next is a very limited supply of what was once my old "Fast Bridle" but since this last remaining batch is not so "fast" it is renamed Oil Tanned Bridle. Softer than the usual bridle leather and a sort of oil/wax finish with a smooth, light/medium draw. This leather was discontinued by the tannery but they found a few hides in stock a while back and I grabbed the best few available although only one was of Artisan quality the rest goes to Plain Chocolate Strops.

Both will be available when I open January 1st and my Horween Horsehide, both Veg Tanned and Notovan should be back around mid January.


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Tony Miller

Speaking of horse butts…
Listed a bunch of stuff today, Artisan Steerhide and the Limited Black Latigo that was featured in a pass around not long ago, Vegan strops and a bunch of Plain Strop flavors as well as the cloth only strops, Cotton and Genuine Flax Linen.

Will be adding the new D-Ring Handle combo option & pics to most Artisan strops listed today and the new leather options very soon.

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