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Coming soon... in just a few days

We have our newest addition to our lather bowl line coming in just a few days. For those not aware, pottery has to go into the kiln twice. The first time they go in is called the bisque firing which removes most but not all of the moisture from the clay. Next they are dipped into the glaze and fired again. When removed they are finished. Both times the temperatures are something crazy like 1,800 degrees F.

Stay tuned here for a new post next week announcing their availability. We have been hard at work on our site, redoing it and it will be much improved next week with fresh pics, etc. Currently we do have product content with lousy pictures as place holders.

Here is a group shot of some of the raw bowls:

Scott — are you going to sell the ‘raw‘ bowls?
The bowls need to be fired so they will be useable. For instance, if you picked up one of the bowls in the picture up above you could fold it in half. If it were fired in the first go 'round in the kiln and used it would look similar to the picture but be lighter in color. Here is a picture after the bisque firing below. The texture after bisque firing is abrasive which would not be good for those badger brushes.



The Aussie Bulldog
I must be a little crazy. I actually like the colour of the un-fired raw bowls.
Bisqueware can be kind of fragile or brittle until it is glazed and fired.
Back in the day I assisted my potter friends with glazing, kiln loading and various pit firings and raku firings.
You learn how to be gentle with the
objects lest they wind up in pieces.

This picture shows one of our Classic lather bowls on the right and the new design on the left that has been dubbed the Seaworthy Collection. Customers will now have a choice of style depending on personal preference. (If customers can present a certified permission slip from their Better Half, we can sell one customer both lather bowls. :biggrin1: ) We pick up a small order of the Seaworthy Collection from the factory tomorrow. Pics will be taken and the site updated. Look for them to be available on Wednesday. This was a very short run of them since we wanted to have some of each color for the sake of the website.

Here is a direct link to the product page for more info. Lousy product picture but it is all we had at the time: * Seaworthy Lather Bowl * Collection — Captain's Choice - https://www.captainschoicestore.com/all/gunmetal-lather-bowl-5n8jf-mjsnn
Well Gents, they are now available: All Products — Captain's Choice - https://www.captainschoicestore.com/all. Six popular colors with our newly designed shape, dubbed The Seaworthy Collection. Details are on the listing but pics, it is all about pics! We did a very small run of these to verify the glazes and get some of each color before moving to a larger run of them. Once these are gone we may have some back in stock in a few weeks. Check out the new profile and then see the listing for more info!

IMG_4294.jpg IMG_4317.jpg
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