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I'm on the look out for a new, good quality comb.

I'm going to ask my barber for his advice as well, but I wanted to tap into the vast knowledge and get some recommendations.

Not specifically for brand (but they would be welcome), but any advice on material etc. I've always just picked up cheap ones from the supermarket. Is spending a bit more money worth it? I use pomade if that makes a difference.

Thanks is advance.
Kent makes a nice comb. My advice and opinion is not to buy one online, find a store that sells the comb you decide on and look at its length and hold it to feel the quality for yourself. Good luck and keep us posted when you make a purchase!!
+1 for Kent combs.
I brought one about a year ago and have been using it daily ever since. You can really feel the quality of it and the company has a lot of history.
They are available locally in Boots the chemist.
Kent comb here too.

They are hand-finished and have zero sharp corners, your scalp will thank you.

Purchased from Fendrihan.
Kent combs are very good; they're obviously well made, and feel good on the scalp. However, I'm now using a Geo F Trumper comb made out of horn and find it really luxurious. I can't claim it makes my hair look any better, but it feels very nice in the hand and has a bit of character. Somebody bought it for me as a present, at my suggestion, so I don't have to feel guilty about its cost.


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Yes to a Kent comb. Very well made and not too expensive.

For a back pocket comb I finally got a metal comb from Chicago combs that works well and is expensive.
I've always used Ace, except when just grabbing on at a checkout line. Then later regretting it as the sharp tines poke into my scalp. Spending a little more money is worth it. Kent more so than Ace probably. I haven't bought in years though, so quality may have gone down.

+1 to the suggestion of going to a store. Sally Beauty Supply has a large selection of combs, and probably suggestions/recommendations.
I usually use Kent but recently bought a Grants Golden Brand because I like the gold logos and they have cool Johnny Cash and Blues Brother style combs. Quality is slightly above your average cheapy comb and the gold branding started wearing after a few days. They are cheap though so I can't really complain, I just think they are "cool"
I have been using a Scunci Firm and Flexible. I have had it for a while, I don't remember where I got it, but it is a good pocket comb!



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I use a Silkomb by Cricket first for the fine and smooth teeth, then I use my Kent. I love the Kent but the fine isn’t that fine.
I bought a couple Suavecito combs because they were cheap and looked good. When I used them I found they had the annoying sharp points on the teeth and I put them away. Thinking I might get another Kent comb as the Suavecito combs were binned, I got the idea to sand the ends of the teeth with some sandpaper I had sitting around.

Using a motion that included back and forth, side to side and going around in a circle, I got the teeth tips rounded enough to be as comfortable as the Kent. I have some other combs I binned for the same reason. I will try to find them and fix them up.

The Kent combs are the best but if the cost puts you off use my method on any decent comb. The Kent combs are hand filed at the factory so that is why they do not bite your scalp.

I'm also a Kent user, on my head and my goatee. Great quality, affordable price, tons of options to choose from. Good luck on your hunt.
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