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Color me surprisingly impressed.

I've been shaving with a DE razor for close to 7 years and since that time I've rarely touched a cartridge razor. I had a fleeting moment with a Schick Hydro 5 but that was short lived due to that awful gooey moisture-strip thing. So, after being constantly inundated with Gillette Flex-ball commercials I gave in and decided to try one myself. More so, I'm curious to see if I can actually get a month's worth of shaves from a single cartridge like the commercial boldly claims.

It has been five days so far and I have to say, I'm really enjoying the way this thing preforms. After five shaves the blade is sharp, cuts cleanly, maneuvers smoothly and easily across my face, and my skin looks great afterwards - no ingrown hairs, cuts, or razor burn. Although I do believe that the majority of my success is having learned proper shaving technique, the Proglide Flex-ball has been a surprising pleasure to use. I shave everyday as my beard grows very fast and my whiskers are thick, coarse and wiry; I'm the textbook example of 5 o'clock shadow. Will a single cartridge last a whole month? I have yet to find out, but so far I'm really impressed and quite pleased with this razor.
Gillette specifies on their website that the cartridges last a month for a person who shaves four times a week.

Basically, that comes out to approximately sixteen shaves. Nice little loophole they've devised for themselves, what?

I can't speak to the Fusion's longevity, because I'm pretty sure my total number of Fusion shaves in my life is less than sixteen. However, I generally get somewhere between eight and ten good shaves off a Gillette cartridge, give or take.
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