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  1. shotgun233

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    I am curious. I keep reading about the Colonial General single edge razor and apparently, it has a lot of fans on this forum. When I go out to the internet to look for the razor, I see that they do have a web site, but absolutely no information about the razor, prices, availability etc.

    Are they still in business?
  2. They made them in batches and sold them all. You have to buy one used, try a WTB on the BST.

    Here's a thread about them.

    Colonial General SS
  3. DCP


    I emailed them early this week regarding the General, and I can confirm the company's focus is strictly DE razors at this time.

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  4. As @DCP mentioned, Colonial's focus is strictly on DE at this time as they are getting very close to bringing the 1st design to the market. I've had a few conversations with Kirk over the last couple months. Then they will focus on a 2nd version of a DE, possibly an OC version. As to the General, they said they couldn't think of a way to further improve on the razor after carefully looking at the stainless version and put it on the back burner for future consideration after the DE options have come to market.

    @shotgun233 I would suggest putting a WTB in the BST for one if you want one. I'm sure there's someone out there that would be willing to part with theirs. I recently sold mine otherwise I would have offered it up to you.
  5. Let me add that I have one of the brass ones. Fantastic razor that I use in a regular rotation. I'm sure you will love whatever version you end up buying!
  6. shotgun233

    shotgun233 Contributor

    Thank you all for the update. I already own Occam's razor and the ATT SE1. Love each for different reasons, so I am not sure if I should invest in the General.
  7. Not much difference between the SE1 and General, I prefer the SE1 though, sold the General.
  8. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor


    The General (mine is SS) is a very good razor. The cap of mine is polished.


    Just because...that's a picture of another of my AC razors, the SS DLC Hawk.


    And, another, the SE1 with the SE2 baseplate.

    I have in my den only the Hawk as the ATT razors and the General are visiting a member. They've been gone for months, but plan to return sometime in the next year or two.

    Yes, the AC platform (with a Proline blade) is excellent.

    I like all of these razors a lot, but the Hawk might be my favorite.


    A similar platform is the injectors. The photo shows an excellent L-3; a few show up on eBay, enough so you can get a very good one if you look; the L-3 has a funny looking tennis racket handle which functions extremely well and it takes both the Schick Chick blades and the Schick Injector 11 Twin blades.


    You'll find a Colonial General AC razor if you look enough. They do show up.

    Happy shaves,

  9. shotgun233

    shotgun233 Contributor

    I also notice that the Hawk is on backorder and has been for (I believe) months.
  10. The hawk is currently in the works to have a stainless steel makeover like much of the other RazoRock razors. I don't know how long theyve been out of stock, but my guess is while they work on getting the SS one made they won't be making the older aluminum version.

    If you have the SE1, the General is unlikely to provide any significant difference in shave quality.

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  11. shave/brush

    shave/brush Contributor

    I agree with the others that the ATT SE1 and the General are very similar. The SE1 is slightly more aggressive.
  12. shotgun233

    shotgun233 Contributor

    "If you have the SE1, the General is unlikely to provide any significant difference in shave quality. "

    Too late, I bid on an SS General on the bay. I guess at this point, I am kind of hoping I don't win it. But if I do, I will just add it to the other 20 - 30 razors that I own. I am about to have a massive sale on all this stuff I am sure I will never use. Not that the other razors are bad, but my top three are Occam's razor, ATT SE1, and the Rockwell 6S DE. The Supply injector, all the Gems and EveryReadys are OK and some do a very good job. But, as the old song goes (and I am showing my age now) "different strokes for different folks".
  13. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor

    You will like the General very much. It's an excellent razor.

    The AC razors I've used have all been much the same although not entirely the same. All are good. The SE2 is by far the most difficult to tame, but it can be done with a steep angle.

    I wonder how they are planning to improve upon the Hawk SS DLC I have? I think it may be my best AC safety razor, but only by a tiny margin. It's certainly right up there with the others (I don't have every AC razor; only the SE1 and 2, the SS General, and the Hawk).

    Happy shaves,

  14. I haven’t tried the SE1, though I almost bit the bullet on their 50% sale.

    I’ve tried the Hawk v1, the El Jefe, the RX, the General Brass, and the Occam v2 (2 dot) - I appreciate the feel and shaves from the General the most. It’s like shaving with my Game Changer .68, but it’s an SE with a Feather Pro loaded up. Amazingly smooth, even if not as efficient as the El Jefe or RX, still efficient enough.
  15. I sold my SS General about 2 weeks ago, not because it didn't shave well, instead because I only reached for it maybe once or twice a month and just couldn't justify having it if it wasn't being used at least weekly. I originally bought the SS General because it was half the cost of the SE1 and from the reviews, it gave most that posted, a much smoother / efficient shave. It shaved me just as good as my Ti Timeless .95 SB did. It was smooth and very efficient just the same as the Ti95 was, but reached for the Ti95 9 out of 10 times...
  16. If can't improve on it after the SS then why not keep producing them for those that want one? I've tried the aluminum and brass and I would be a buyer of a SS one.
  17. All the General razors were made in China. The company has decided to produce future razors in the USA only. As previously stated their new razors will be DE only.
  18. As mentioned here by @uptown Colonial is focusing on their first DE razor as a company right now. They might do a 2nd DE after that, possibly an OC version and when thats done they will revisit the SE front...

    eta... I mentioned to someone the other day to put a WTB in the BST looking for one. You have to be quick though as mine sold a few weeks ago in about 15 minutes from putting up the listing and there was one sold yesterday, (I think), that was gone within an hour. They go really fast when their listed but if you put up a WTB someone will contact you via PM for it...
    As to the mfg of the SS General, that one was done here in the US and is why the cost was raised to $99 from the original $59 that they sold for. Colonial is very much like Paradigm on the mfg front in that they do 1 model at a time and they will wait until those have all sold before moving on to something new, which is usually different either in material or style and not usually the same exact thing back to back.
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  19. Thanks I may try a wtb in July when done my personal buy freeze
  20. GlazedBoker

    GlazedBoker Contributor

    Super smooth operator. Excellent with a Feather Pro or Schick proline, exquisite with a Feather Pro Super. Love this razor.....


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