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Colonial General

L.A. Jones

I have been wanting to try a Colonial General... not picky. Brass, Aluminum, or SS will do. However I could find nothing... until I found all three. Try all three, keep one, and move the other two. No biggie.2019_Jul_19_8133_LR.jpg
Better than I lol, I saw a couple for full price on the bay, skipped those and snagged an ATT se1. Figure when the new version pops out , some might swap out. It would be a good report on them , having all three.
Awesome find! They’re all great shavers, just depends on the weight/feel you like. I had the privilege of trying some, wish I had one!
I have the aluminum one. I had the brass for a while but sold it because I liked the aluminum one better. Never tried the stainless steel.

I might not have given the brass razor a fair shot; if I recall correctly, I probably only shaved with it maybe 3 or 4 times.