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Colonial Free Shipping

I don't know if this is old news or not, but I was in Colonial today to pick up some Taylor's avocado and the lady (sorry I forgot to get her name) overheard me talking about the forum and recognized me from a post. She told me that forum members get free shipping on their orders (I'm guessing U.S. only).

She was also great in giving me samples of some quality creams to try out and she is working on getting some of the Taylor hand soaps in stock. This is probably most pertinent to people in or around boston, but I have to say that I think even though I can find creams a little cheaper online that I'll continue to use this shop for my purchases. The people in there are genuine and helpful and its nice to buy from a local store that is more traditional and less big company driven. I think once the website goes live (she said maybe sept.) that colonial will do a lot of business because of their reputation.

I also got to hold a merkur vision and if I wasn't going to try my hand at straight razor shaving...I would almost certainly get one. It felt awesome in my hand.

Ok enough of this rant (only the first part belongs here anyway).

It's my understanding that they do not have a Web site. Is that correct?

I plan on purchasing a few fragrances soon, so I would love to know what exactly they carry.
They do not have a website yet.

Give them a call and tell them you are from blade and badger and i'm sure they'll take the time to tell you their lineup.

I'm not into the cologne thing so I don't know what they have in that regard, but in shaving creams and products they have T&H, Taylors, Coates, etc. Most of the big ones. They also have a large selection of nice brushes. Next time I'm in I'll try to remember more of the inventory.
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