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Cologne that meshes well with Old Spice AS

Maybe this has been asked before but a quick search did not seem to turn anything up.

I looking for a proper cologne with scent that mixes well with Old Spice Orginal aftershave(the P&G not Shulton).

I am fairly new to the traditional wet shaving scene and am really diggin the tradition, history, and ritual of the system:thumbup1: After reading several glowing reviews of the P&G Old Spice I figured I would pick some up. My swmbo and I love the scent so now I am looking for something more lasting to go with it. Plus it feels wrong to spend the time and money to shave traditonally and then spray on some Axe afterward:thumbdown(blame my swmbo she liked the smell and thus I became an Axe wearer)

Also don't think I am just locked into Old Spice AS, I will likely be picking up some Clubman Pinaud to start the AD off properly.
PS by Paul Sebastian has quite a bit of a similarity to Old Spice. It's strong and long lasting. Can be found in some drugstores very reasonable priced.
I'd have to vote for PS if you wanted it to match very closely. I never realized it until someone mentioned that it smelled a lot like Old Spice to them, and then it hit me why it smelled so familiar! It just feels like a more refined OS and would mix together well most likely. I'll have to give it a try..
The top notes of PS are definitely a superior version of old spice. The drydown, however, is altogether different, a woody scent which, IMO, bears no relation to the opening notes.

+1, I also combo with Tabac EDC :biggrin1:, I like to Try new combos on my weekend
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