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Cologne Similar to Hawk by Mennen?

I have an old tiny sample bottle of Hawk, and I really like the scent. I use it on occasion, but am sparing with it because I don't want to run out. The fragrance is out of production and buying an actual new bottle is pretty much impossible these days. (There are some independent reproductions that were reverse-engineered from samples of the real thing, but they're extremely expensive and seem a bit sketchy to me.)

I was wondering: Do any of you know of a fragrance that is still in production and is very similar to Hawk, at an affordable price for an undergrad student working a retail customer service job?
There seems to have been an abundance of Hawk on ebay recently. You might keep an eye open there. Some of the tarting prices have been pretty low. Maybe you'll get lucky.
It's a fragrance from 1980. Pretty musky. Not sure what else is in it, but I have an old sample-size bottle and love the stuff.
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