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Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by Talltexan, Nov 27, 2018.

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    Picked up the Belcam Obsession today and it IS nice. Christmassy indeed. Not quite cinnamon but warm.

  2. While cologne is not usually as concentrated a fragrance profile as an Eau d' Toilet, Eau d' Perfume, Perfum or Absolut it is not so much over the top of 'aftershaves.' Thus it will stand in for you nicely while it comes to a fragrance which pleases you or offers what you hope to be a come hither enticement of subtle qualities. Don't usually expect it to have the skin conditioners added to it which you often find in the ASL's because, yes, that's what asl is for and cologne is targeted elsewhere. AS to which one, something you can do for yourself is a small drop on the inside of your wrist and see if you like it, how long it lasts, does it tell you something different as time goes by? Those which tend to stick with you are often said to be complimentary to your personal chemistry - then it is again up to you to decide if you LIKE smelling like that for 2, 4, or more hours. The others which are all shorter can have their benefits too. It's again how things fit into your time domains and intent. Sometimes, it's the quick intro before coffee which is important and that can be just moments after application, or a half hour? perhaps as much as an hour as the fragrance has ~ ... ?

    The best thing you can do is try and enjoy. I've found it's hard to use up those you like and even harder to see the others disappear at all. Yet, a fragrance not used can often hold surprises many many months after the last time you met.
  3. I'm in the yes, just wear cologne camp if it's just for scent. Mind you I have paired up using Aramis EDT after shaving with Aramis shaving cream and using their aftershave balm too. I prefer using unscented or very lightly scented aftershave balms or gels.

    Eternity - a classic. I've not owned a bottle for years but I might just pick a cheap gift set of it in the January sales. It's not worn as much now so a lot of people will probably be completely unfamiliar with it.

    Acqua di Gio - again, another classic and definitely iconic. Possibly a bit too ubiquitous depending on where you live as lots of men wear it. However, it should be on every man's 'to try at least once' list. Lots of recent flanker editions to this is a testament to how successful this fragrance is: the Essenza is my favourite.

    D&G Light Blue - I liked it and was gifted a bottle when it was first released. However, I much prefer the original D&G Pour Homme but that's because it brings back a load of memories whenever I smell it.

    Polo - what a fragrance!

    Bleu de Chanel - Nothing to dislike about this. I just find most of their other fragrances for men more intriguing.

    Ones to try and apologies if you already have:

    YSL - La Collection Jazz. Long lasting, timeless masculine smell that works well all year round.

    YSL - Opium pour Homme. Fruity, spicy, seems to attract a lot of compliments.

    Chanel - Allure Homme Edition Blanche
    Chanel - Egoiste. This would go well with Trumpers Sandalwood Skin Food.

    Tom Ford - Ombré Leather.
    Tom Ford - Noir Anthracite. I think if you're appreciating boldly masculine scents this is worth a sample.

    Acqua di Parma - try as many as you can.
    Dior - Fahrenheit.

    There is definitely something 'Christmassy' about Obsession for Men. The most recent formulation, which I own, is very heavy on cinnamon and I can also make out some pine in there too. It's supposed to also have tangerine in the top notes.
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    Made the mistake of trying Anthracite and loved it! Have to play the Lotto...

  5. Nice! My go-to when I was in the Navy, the early 90's powerhouse stuff!

    Halston Z-14 just might be my new holiday scent..:D
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    A fine cinnaminny thing, though short-lived (as are most these days). $, as well.

  7. Hrrrmph..failed the Lady test..way too much cinnamon for her (she bakes a LOT), though I read that vintage up to 2011ish is still an oakmoss bomb that puts the cinnamon in the trunk instead of being the driver of maybe I will re-try with the vintage..and if that's a bust, well, at least I gave it a shot..(I really wanna like it, you know how that goes..) I got it for $10 bucks at Marshall's. ;)

    She only wants me to wear Polo!
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    Layer the two for a piny-cinnamon-Christmas thing!

  9. It's a great scent in my book and out of the 'Noir' family without a doubt my favourite. The price tag is pretty high although not quite as bad as the Private Blend range. One of our retailers - Boots the chemist, which gets mentioned on here from time to time - has a loyalty card where you accumulate points that get converted into £ to spend in store. They stock Noir Anthracite so I'm currently saving up my points to purchase it. I may as well spend them on something I wouldn't usually go out of my way to buy with actual £ as I'd feel it was a tad too indulgent to do so!
  10. I just got a bottle of the vintage stuff (Jeff Gordon era) on the bay. It definitely is an "oakmoss bomb that puts the cinnamon in the trunk." At less than $15 shipped for 1 oz, it's still cheaper than a lot of other less worthy stuff out there IMHO.
  11. Good to know! I have my eye on one now..
  12. I wear a light AS, such as Speick or Lotion Opaline. They compliment the citrus fragrances I wear. I am currently wearing either L'Occitane Verbena or James Bronnley Gentleman.
  13. is absolutely OK to skip a scented aftershave and go directly to a cologne to carry the day. Just make sure that you apply something to keep your skin from drying out after you shave.
    I have no experience with any of your frags so I am not in a position to offer an opinion on which one might smell the best. Liking a fragrance is such a subjective experience anyway. My brother, for example, really likes Chrome and it works with his body chemistry. The scent doesn't really do much for me when I wear it.
    You are lucky to have a number of scent options to play with...enjoy the journey.

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