College Football

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    College Football
    It's here,college football 2018. Time to post,who do have going all the way? Who's your favorite team? I guess you know that I'll have the Tide. So, who you got?
  1. Rooooolllll tide!!!

    Oh. And the UNA lions for the lower Division I
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  2. Roll tide--kenhsv
  3. I hope James Madison takes the title back from ND State.
  4. Go Green. Michigan State University. Go White!
  5. I have high hopes for the Washington Huskies this year!!
  6. Hey Big J- we'll see next Saturday.
  7. I sure hope this post will gain a little more traction as opening weekend gets here.
  8. They are playing in Raleigh on Saturday, so I hope they loose this weekend. Only to go on and take the title back from ND State. :001_302:
  9. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor

    Watching football at the moment. Stanford and San Diego State. Not a very good game, but it's football.

    Tomorrow the real season begins.


    I always hope that nobody playing football this season is seriously injured.

    Go, Dawgs.

    Happy shaves,

  10. Tigahs!
  11. F81E9D36-573C-4690-89A8-6672B71BC623.jpeg
    Dogs? We got dogs......Go Vols!!
  12. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor

    You said it.

    Good luck to everyone, unless playing UGA.
  13. Unfortunately The TN Dogs got a bit of a tune up
  14. GO VOLS
  15. Whoa!! Tua ROCKS!!!
  16. Congrats to KY for finally getting that streak off their backs.

    Gators may be in for more of a rebuild than they had thought.
  17. Also, congratulations to the Kansas Jayhawks.
  18. Roll Tide. We jumped the Landsharks last night.

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