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FT Collection of Seven Brushes for Trade

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Time to cull the brush herd, am offering the following:
#1 - Omega – Synthetic (Red & Clear)
#2 - Omega – Best Badger (Black & Clear)
#3 - Omega – Synthetic (Ash)
#4 - Parker – Best Badger (Horn)
#5 - Yaqi – Synthetic (Moka)
#6 - Yaqi - Synthetic (Purple Haze)
#7 - Semogue – Boar (SOC - Cherry)

The details (knot material, width, etc.) is provided for each brush, if you’d like additional information or pictures please let me know. All brushes have been cleaned.

Because I don’t do PayPal only looking to trade and all the brushes are being offered as a lot. Looking to trade for any of the following:
  • Contemporary (i.e. NOT vintage) single or double edge razor (preference to something other than a DE89 or clone head). I have a decent selection of Merkur razors so am looking to mix things up a bit. Not looking to duplicate a razor I already have so have provided a list below of what’s currently in my den.
  • ATRA or TRACII handle (in new or like new condition)

Its difficult to put a cost on what I’m offering as value is subjective but the purchase price for the seven brushes was ~$270CAD/$210USD. Obviously valued that as they are used, just putting it out there as a frame of reference.

Willing to trade with any member in Canada or CONUS (I’m located in Alberta Canada). I’ll cover the cost of shipping the brushes, you cover the cost of shipping your item (you can use T3R 0S1 as a postal code if you want to calculate what your delivery charges would be). I’ll ship with tracking and insurance, expect likewise.

Cheers & Happy New Year!



*Existing razors:
  • Feather AS-D2 (Stainless)
  • Focus - Dynamic SE R48 (Aluminium)
  • Focus - Tritok Concave R52 (Aluminium)
  • Ikon - X3 Slant (Brushed)
  • Merkur - 15C OC (Chrome)
  • Merkur - 34G (Gold)
  • Merkur - 45 (Bakelite)
  • Merkur - 46C Travel (Brushed Chrome)
  • Merkur - Futur (Brushed Chrome)
  • Muhle - R108 (Tortoise Shell)
  • Parker - Slant (Gun Metal)
  • Parker - Variant (Gun Metal)
  • RazoRock - Baby Smooth (Titanium)
  • RazoRock - Game Chgr .84 (Stainless)
  • RazoRock - Mamba (Stainless Steel)
  • RazoRock - Wunderbar Slant (Stainless)
  • Rockwell - 2C (Chrome)
  • Rockwell - 6S (Stainless)
  • Supply - V1 (Brushed)
  • Timor - 1350K OC (Brushed)
  • Timor - 1363 (Padauk)
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