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collecting shave sticks

Good Morning, July 3rd and interested in some shaving sticks. Beautiful weather today, nice cool breeze and looking forward to the celebration of the birth of the United States as a country. Tea is Lipton. There used to be a Camelot shave stick, GZD or something similar Turkish though have not found a reliable source.

If you have a stick I have not heard of let me know.



~ Blue Poppy

Boots Chemist




dr harris almond

dr harris arlington

dr harris lavender

dr harris marlborough

~ dr harris windsor

~ German Florena Luxas Shaving Soap Stick

~ La Toja

Imperial Leather

Mike's Natural



Ogallala Bay Rum

~ Palmolive

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements



~ Speick



Taylor of Old Bond Street

~ Valobra


What the Puck

Wilkinson Sword


Lunatic Fringe
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Ach Brito Mogno
That's made in a stick now? Wow

If you have a stick I have not heard of let me know.

Here are two you may not know.


De Vergulde Hand


Irisch Moos
I like Ach Brito Mogno and could easily be turned into a shave stick.

For some reason I have never found Irisch Moos in any stores. Williams I'm aware used to make a shave stick. Palmolive I have not found at all. Thanks for the suggestion @T Bone about Mama Bear. @smudge I think LEA is such a great product so much better as a soap. I know Nivea does a body shaving stick. Vergulde am going to have to find a new source for it. I am vaguely aware La Toja once had an expanded product line.

Shave sticks are great, long lasting and easy to use. Appreciated! @nemo.


Lunatic Fringe
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For some reason I have never found Irisch Moos in any stores.
The Moos was discontinued around 2011 I think. Palmolive is no longer made but at least there may still be some stock out there, most likely in Europe or the UK.

I wasn't sure if you were looking for currently available products or not when I threw those out there. :huh:
Just want to note: if you like menthol, Mama Bear does not stint. Plus there are so many scents.

I melt, mentholate and pour my own shave sticks using Col Conk pucks. The unmeltables I grate and pack into soap/deodorant tubes.

There are some small, local artisan soapmakers out there that also sell in the stick format. Many are on the web, but low profile.

Cremo made sticks. I don't know if they still do.
Interested in old sticks? Check on VintageBlade on Etsy. He often has vintage sticks for sale. There is one out there right now.
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