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Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste

Next week I'll have my 5th and 6th dental appointments since I first went to my dentist a few weeks ago. I've felt compelled to buy a more expensive toothpaste.

I threw out my Ipana toothpaste and I've started buying Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. I was given a couple of free samples before hand and this seemed to help with my sensitive tooth.

Do people find this to be a stronger toothpaste? I'm also using Colgate NeutraFluor 900 mouthwash once a week as well as flossing.

Mind you I'm not impressed with the smaller size of this tube of toothpaste. It might be a better toothpaste but I do notice the smaller size as well as the higher price. I just hope it really does do a better job.

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I used to buy pharmacy toothpaste, small tubes and high prices. And it is not worth it! Thoose toothpaste are filled with nasty chemicals and are as good as any supermarket toothpaste.
Now I only use organic toothpaste from Jason Naturals and Tom's of Maine. Huge tubes and afordable price.
I really like the Tom's of Maine Sensitive toothpaste. It seems to work well for me. Not that it helps you in Australia, but it's at my local Grocery Outlet now so I bought several tubes.
I have used both Sensodyne and Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, they both work exactly the same and the Colgate is cheaper. Don't bother with the Sensodyne you're just getting ripped off.
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