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Colgate buys control of Tom's of Maine

I loved the gingermint mw, too bad it is gone. Their other mw and toothpastes are good as well. I sure hope Colgate does not start putting all that crap in there.

I wanted to try their shaving cream, but have yet to see it. It will be hard to now as i have Taylor's, CandE, and proraso to go through first.
I've tried alot of their stuff, ie. toothpaste, mouthwash and I use their deordorant on a regular basis. So...Colgate has bought their line-up; other than a supposed increase in production, I can't see anything really good coming from this. I think with a large company now in ownership we'll see that some of the products that Tom's used to have won't be around any longer due to overall cost effectiveness. The guys in the boardroom will see ways to cut costs and products will start disappearing. Kinda sad...

A report on National Public Radio claimed that Tom and his spouse will still maintain operational (day to day) control.. We shall see what we shall see...
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